Glenn Beck Slams ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice,’ Hollywood Is Destroying Our Heroes

Christian media icon Glenn Beck condemned Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice this week, saying Hollywood is destroying our heroes with the new batch of rebooted superhero movies.

Beck slammed the new movie from Warner Bros. as a disservice to America and questioned why Hollywood makes movies where superheroes fight each other, reports Right Wing Watch.

Why does Hollywood want to take our heroes and destroy them? The people in Hollywood do not understand America at all.

Conservative political commentator Glenn Beck described superhero movies as a tool society uses to give themselves faith in American society, but said the new batch of movies is ruining that concept, reports Right Wing Watch.

The reason why these morality plays [i.e. superhero movies] are winning right now at the box office is because they are morality plays, good winning over evil, the unity of the principles of America: truth, justice and the American way.

Beck said the superheroes were created as a type of savior people could look up to in difficult times and they were never meant to fight each other, reports Right Wing Watch.

When Batman starts to fight Superman and Captain America starts going against Iron Man, these things are going to fall apart. They are taking 2016 values and superimposing them on 1940’s values and it’s going to destroy these franchises. They’ve got to stop.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was released this week to horrible reviews, but still managed to rake in $170 million, the sixth-best weekend opening of all time.

The superhero movie represents DC Comics bid to rival Marvel’s massively popular Avengers movie franchise, but critics and fans alike appear to be skeptical about Ben Affleck’s portrayal of Batman.

Reviewers tend to blame director Zack Snyder for the new superhero movie’s failure, calling it a tedious story that pits two heroes against each other for no apparent reason, according to The Daily Beast.

This was supposed to be the most epic superhero movie ever made. Instead, we got a clichéd, manic villain and two well-intentioned heroes fighting for no reason at all.

Glenn Beck agrees, saying these two heroes would never fight each other, and this isn’t the first time the Christian commentator has chimed in on a cultural phenomenon.

Last year, Beck endorsed AMC’s The Walking Dead in a blog post where he compared today’s society with America in the 1950’s. He compared the show to the entertainment that was popular at the start of the Cold War with two world powers threatening each other with nuclear weapons.

Beck said society in the 1950’s was seeking to escape from their fears in fantastic entertainment, much like we do today.

Beck, like many evangelical Christians, thinks the End Times described in the Bible are now upon us. Beck has gone public with his view that Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz was anointed at birth by God to save America and guide the country through these dark times.

The Christian media icon says Cruz is the fulfillment of a Mormon End Times prophecy called the White Horse in which the American Constitution will hang by a thread and the land will be bathed in bloodshed.

What do you think about the new DC Comics movie? Is it OK for Batman and Superman to fight?

Photo by J Pat Carter/Getty Images