Dave Chappelle Talks Caitlyn Jenner, Angers Kylie Jenner — Why Video Of Dave’s Comedy Routine May Be Hard To Find

Dave Chappelle might be back, buff and on point with his selfie game with Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Jay-Z and Beyoncé, as reported by the Inquisitr, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find the video of Chappelle talking about Caitlyn Jenner at Dave’s latest comedy show. That’s because Chappelle has a habit of putting the cellphones of his audience in a little jail that prevents them from capturing footage and placing it online, according to Quartz.

According to TMZ, Chappelle’s comedy routine mentioned Caitlyn — beginning with Dave’s memories of Bruce Jenner back in the day. Chappelle said that Bruce appeared like a superhero in Dave’s eyes back in the 1970s when Jenner outraced “Africans” during his days as an Olympic hero.

As reported by the Washington Post, Bruce Jenner took to Central Park back in 1977 after he had already won fame as a man who broke a world record and won the decathlon gold medal. Jenner soon drew a crowd.

Apparently Dave drew a big crowd, too, because the #davechappelle hashtag on Instagram — which enjoys 98,112 posts as of this writing — features a whole lot of photos at Chappelle’s sold-out shows at The Hollywood Palladium.

As for Chappelle’s six to seven-minute long comedy routine about Caitlyn, however, it isn’t readily found on video. According to TMZ, Dave riffed about Jenner in Hollywood as both Tyga and Kylie Jenner watched — but the publication claims that Kylie didn’t find Chappelle’s words about Caitlyn funny at all. Apparently, Tyga was laughing.

“Sources inside Dave’s epic 3rd night at the Palladium say he spent at least 6-7 minutes talking first about Bruce Jenner… saying he was old enough to remember Bruce as a ‘Superman’ who was ‘beating Africans’ in track and field back in the 70s. He said he knew there was a change coming though after a run-in with Kanye West. ‘I said, Kanye… why the long face?’ And Kanye replied, ‘Man, you’ll see.’ We’re told that line brought the house down, and even Tyga laughed — but Kylie kept a straight face through the entire bit. Hard to say if she was actually pissed, but she definitely wasn’t LOL.”

The publication shows a photo of Kylie and Tyga leaving the Chappelle comedy show, with Kylie shielding her face and Tyga still smiling. On social media, those who’ve attended Dave’s sold-out show are giving it positive reviews.


Those who attended Dave’s show are reporting that phones were not allowed inside, which explains the lack of video.

Either way, Chappelle’s show is being called “epic” by those who attended the performance.


According to one Instagram user, Dave might have been funny, but they reported that Eddie Murphy wasn’t happy after the Chappelle comedy routine.

“kupcakemonsta#yaaas #yaaaaassssss#yas #davechappelle was f***ing fantastic but dunno y #eddiemurphy was so pissed on the way down elevator. Mad dogged a bunch of us on the way down.#calmdownbro”

According to the Hollywood Reporter, in the past Chappelle has used Yondr, a firm that makes pouches that can lock up the cellphones of audience members, in order to keep Chappelle’s comedy routine under wraps and off the net. It’s being called a great way to prevent comedy routine footage from leaking online before comedians like Dave are ready.


Instagram users report sore cheeks and a Chappelle comedy routine so funny it brought tears to their eyes.

Chappelle is reportedly recording a Showtime special.

Dave Chappelle: He’s 41, Buff, And Has Selfies With Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Jay Z and Beyoncé

As seen in the above photo from Sunday, July 6, 2014, Dave has been performing in venues here and there over recent years. Chappelle performed at the Essence Festival in New Orleans. During a different performance in New Mexico, a man was charged with throwing a banana peel at Chappelle.

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