Lady Gaga Goes Gaga Over Turning 30

Nobody throws a party like Lady Gaga. The consummate artist and first lady of fashion celebrated her 30th birthday with her closest celebrity friends on Black Saturday, as reported earlier by the Inquisitr. The birthday bash took place at the No Names bar in Los Angeles.

Although her official birthday is not until today, Easter Monday, March 28, the advanced celebration was probably done to accommodate the schedules of her equally busy friends such as Taylor Swift, Kate Hudson, and Nick Jonas, to name just a few. If one were to name all the attendees, the list would rival the attendance of the Grammys, as Entertainment Online will attest.

Lady Gaga wore a sequined, gold mini-dress with butterfly puffs at the sleeves. She also wore black pumps to enhance her height, as well as a gold choker to match her platinum blond hair. As expected, fashionistas gave the talented singer an A+ for fashion sense. After all, the Lady is not one to follow the trends.

As expected, most of Lady Gaga's friends wore wear black or grey outfits, presumably to avoid preempting or overshadowing the celebrant's fashion sense. After all, trying to up the ante fashion-wise would be futile around the Gaga if not outright suicidal. Not that Gaga is hostile to any competition. On the contrary, she is likely to welcome any attempt with the unassuming confidence that she will win any fashion show, anyway.

It was also apparent that she had advised all attendees that she didn't want anyone bearing gifts, although one of them insisted on bringing her one, which she was gracious enough to accept. Quite the diplomat, this Gaga. Definitely the consummate one, if anyone remembers how she managed to please Queen Elizabeth in a 2009 concert without going overboard or upstaging her guest of honor.

Of course, Lady Gaga's 30th birthday celebration would not be complete without her fiance Taylor Kinney, the hunky star of Chicago Fire. Kinney, knowing his place, also wore a black outfit. He would reflect the extremely happy demeanor of his fiancee, which demonstrated clearly before all and sundry that everything is going well for the lovebirds.

The two have been engaged since February of last year. That means their engagement has survived the test of time for a year -- plus one month, almost. Psychologists and psychics have nothing to offer to the contrary, even though Lady Gaga was visibly not wearing her engagement ring on the fateful Saturday night in question. Instead, she wore a gold ring.

As expected, the speculation and, subsequently, the consensus among the paparazzi is that the knot was already tied. On that, The Lady never said a thing, quite like a movie with an open end. One thing is obvious, though: Whatever it is, the couple is intent on downplaying it.

Even though she has been relatively lying low lately, Lady Gaga does so with the both the composure and confidence that she can rely on her fans to rally along when the next music single comes. And what better way to enjoy one's success in career as well as in love by together taking a plunge in icy waters, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Gaga can afford to look at the future with rose-tinted glasses and dollar highlights. DW sums up her success.

"Gaga has also proved her acumen for social media, with 57.6 million followers on Twitter making her one of the hottest brands online. In less than ten years, Lady Gaga has prevailed as one of the greatest names in pop music - without ever really making tabloid headlines. If she retired today, she would still have several VMA awards, six Grammys and one Golden Globe to count among her laurels - among others."
And what about finding real love in the entertainment industry? This is a rare treat rather than the rule. Lady Gaga can definitely add this to her list of laurels on her 30th birthday. In fact, if real love were the only thing she achieved, fans who know Lady Gaga well are aware that the good heart of their idol would be content as well.
[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]