Do You Need A New Game For Easter? Check Out Taylor Swift And Brother Austin’s Epic Egg Battle

Now that Easter is here, sometimes you just need to find a new game to play. Taylor Swift and her brother, Austin, have an epic egg war that you will want to try it. This is one for the entire family. Us Magazine shared about the game that Taylor and Austin played and she shared on her social networks. Taylor’s boyfriend, Calvin Harris, wasn’t around for the game, but who knows if he was the one running the video camera.

Taylor Swift may be 26-years-old, but she still loves to have fun and act like a kid. In this new game, Taylor and Austin each hold an egg — which are obviously hard boiled — and then they smash them into each other to see which one can end up with the egg that is the least broken. It is an epic battle, and of course, it looks like these two are having a lot of fun together.

Swift was able to win the first round, but then she lost the second one against Austin. Taylor did have a good excuse for her big loss, though, and said “It went to battle before, this isn’t fair, I used this one last round.” Taylor does have a point that her egg might have already been a bit messed up. So here is how you play Taylor and Austin’s game if you have plans to try it out today instead of eating your hard boiled eggs. Swift and her brother had an epic Easter egg hunt last year, and fans love seeing that she is so normal and can still have a fun time just like a kid.

The Belfast Telegraph recently gave an update on Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, and these two are doing great. They recently celebrated their one year anniversary and things seem to be going well. An insider revealed some of the details about how Taylor is doing now.

“Before meeting Calvin she’d completely sworn off men and was focusing on her career. The last thing she wanted was to get involved with another high-profile man but they just clicked. This is the most secure Taylor has ever felt. It’s not been easy getting there after everything she’s been through with her previous boyfriends but Calvin has proved over the last year that he’s The One.”

Fans know that Taylor Swift has dated a lot of other guys, but she was never this open about a relationship. Swift is sharing pictures of them together and even brought him to an awards show with her. That is a big step for Swift. When she was dating Harry Styles, they never went out together and kept things quiet. Calvin even spent Christmas with Swift and her family. The insider went on to share a few more details about how they are doing and if Swift could end up married soon.

“It definitely feels like that’s where it’s headed, but who knows how they’d find the time to plan a wedding. They had to move mountains to make their holiday work and their hectic schedules are a challenging obstacle when it comes to finding time for each other. But for now, as far as friends are concerned it’s not a case of if, but when.”

What do you think of Taylor Swift’s Easter egg game she played with Austin? Will you be having these egg battles at your house now? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]