‘Smiling Shark’ Caught On Film: Photoshop Hoax? [Photo]

Sharks might be all the rage, especially with claims that shark cartilage powder pills can regrow hair, as reported by the Inquisitr. However, it’s the photo below of a shark that appears to be smiling that seems to have captured the fascination of the Internet lately. The smiling shark photo was taken by Kenneth “Wayne” MacWilliams, who caught the smiling shark on camera near the coast of Florida. When the shark looked like it smiled, that big old toothy smile on the shark made Kenneth smile. And while the smiling shark might look like a Photoshop hoax — it appears to be real.

In response to the photo of the smiling shark, all sorts of comparisons to the famous shark in Finding Nemo are being made online. That shark with many rows of huge teeth was named Bruce, and the Australian shark with his Australian accent was famous for being in rehab — and for trying to not eat other fish.

“I am a nice shark, not a mindless eating machine. Fish are friends, not food!”

As reported by the Caters News Agency, MacWilliams is a 58-year-old retired man from Florida who caught the photo of the lemon shark in Juniper, Florida. The smiling shark is a lemon shark, and it appears as if the shark somehow knew its photo was being taken when it flashed the big toothy grin. Lemon sharks are known as the friendliest sharks in the waters, so the smile on the shark is appropriate.

MacWilliams said the smiling lemon shark made him smile in turn, as it has many folks who’ve seen the photo of the smiling shark and are passing it around online.

“Since it appears as the shark is smiling, it made me smile.”

The smiling lemon shark’s photo was taken in February 2016, but is now going viral online as people react to the funny photo. It’s not often that a shark is captured on camera that close up, displaying so many rows of teeth in an apparent smile like that. As such, the funny photo is being shared en masse.

Some folks are remembering the Saturday Night Live days when the “LAND SHARK: JAWS II” routine was made popular by Chevy Chase playing a dangerous land shark going around scaring people.

“In Jaws II, the Land Shark (Chevy Chase) finds his dinner by knocking on doors.” [Season 1, 1975]

“Better tie that shower curtain.”

Meanwhile, as Bruce the Shark in Finding Nemo scared those in movie worried about Bruce falling off the wagon, the smiling lemon shark is bringing joy on the web. Lemon sharks can grow to be huge — up to a gigantic 10-feet-long in length — but sharks like the smiling one don’t use all that size in order to knock their weight around.

Lemon sharks haven’t been known to kill humans. Perhaps it’s because MacWilliams was with a man known as a shark expert that Kenneth got the opportunity to capture the smiling shark on camera. Captain Randy Jordan owns Emerald Charters Scuba Diving, and that’s who Kenneth dove with when he captured the smiling shark photo.

Jordan explained the rules of diving with sharks.

“The sharks will swim from behind you thru your legs, bump into your body or camera/strobes if ‘you decide’ to get close to the action. Shark diving can of course be quite exciting because of the possibility of seeing these big, powerful, potentially dangerous, beautiful animals of nature. But, with a bit of common sense, coupled with an experienced crew the inherent dangers can be mitigated quite a bit. I don’t think lemon sharks assimilate divers with food. You may or may not change your feelings but at least you can form your own opinion based on your own personal experience. Happy diving.”

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[AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko]