85-Year-Old Couple Remarries After Divorcing 50-Years Ago

remarried after 50 years

Fifty years ago, Roland Davis and Lena Henderson decided to get a divorce. Now, at 85-years-old, the couple is getting back together. The 85-year-old couple remarried this weekend in New York.

Renita Chadwick, the couple’s youngest daughter, said:

“It’s every child’s dream, every child who has ever been in a family where divorce has occurred, that your parents would come back together… We are all so ridiculously excited. We’re like little children again.”

According to CBS, Davis and Henderson were high school sweethearts and married shortly after graduation. They had four children together and were married for 20-years.

Radar Olnine reports that their first marriage in 1944 was a no frills affair. They were married by the Justice of the Peace and didn’t have a reception or a honeymoon. This time around, however, the 85-year-old couple is remarried in style. The wedding was held in a church followed by a fancy dinner with family and friends.

The oldest daughter, Johnnie Mae Funderbirk, said:

“I’m as excited as some 9-year-old whose parents are getting back together… and I’m 65 years old.”

According to Eurthisnthat, Davis and Henderson went their separate ways in 1964 after the divorce. They both remarried and eventually became widowers. After Davis’ wife died, he decided to call his first love.

Davis said:

“I had always kind of had that in mind, mostly because of the children. You never forget someone that you cared for at one time or another.”

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