Ben Higgins And Lauren Bushnell Heading To Cuba? Honeymoon Destination Or Just An Adventure For ‘Bachelor’ Couple?

Bachelor Ben Higgins and his fiancée Lauren Bushnell are enjoying life as an engaged couple, but they are already talking about a late 2016 or early 2017 wedding. The couple has been staying out of the spotlight other than a few updates on social media, but Lauren recently talked about their travel bucket list and where they will be headed next.

Of course, fans want to know when the wedding is and where Ben and Lauren will go on their honeymoon. Will they take a romantic trip back to Jamaica where they got engaged or do they have another destination in mind?

Lauren is a flight attendant and has traveled to many amazing destinations prior to meeting Ben. During an interview with Conde Nast Traveler last week, Ben’s bride-to-be dished on the couple’s travel plans but didn’t specifically state which destination they would choose for their honeymoon. She said Cuba is at the top of their list.

“Something we want to do in the future is travel the world together… in terms of international travel, we’ve been talking a lot about Cuba.”

In addition to Cuba, the couple also has Costa Rica and Honduras on their travel list. Honduras is a destination that has special meaning to Ben — he has traveled there in the past to do charity work with the Warsaw-based organization Humanity and Hope United Foundation.

Ben Lauren Bachelor 2016
Lauren has done quite a bit of travel as a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines, and she states that she loves to explore new places and try new foods — something that didn’t happen as often as she would have liked while taping the Bachelor.

Although she enjoyed their trip to Mexico City, she revealed that most of the time the girls had to stay in their hotel rooms so their travel experience was very limited.

Ben hasn’t traveled nearly as much as Lauren, so she will undoubtedly prove to be a great travel companion on the adventures the couple have planned in the future.

Other than doing charity work in Honduras with the Humanity and Hope United Foundation and traveling to Peru after college, Lauren says that Ben didn’t travel outside of his hometown of Warsaw, Indiana, before going on Kaitlyn’s season of the Bachelorette and his season of the Bachelor.

Before they pick a honeymoon destination, Ben and Lauren have quite a bit to do and that includes more time on a plane and a big move for Lauren.

“We are in Ben’s hometown right now and then we are going to Portland to spend time with my family for a few days,” Lauren tells Conde Nast Traveler. The couple will then travel to Bloomington, Indiana, where Ben will be an honored guest at his Alma Mater Indiana University‘s Little 500 race events on April 15.

During an interview with AOL Build, the couple talked about Lauren moving from her apartment in Marina Del Rey, California, to Ben’s home in Denver, Colorado — something that will be happening over the next few weeks.

In an effort to keep their lives normal and stick to their promise of not “chasing fame,” the couple plans to return to their jobs once Lauren is settled into Ben’s home. Lauren explains in the AOL interview that her job with Alaska Airlines is “very flexible” and she can work “as much or as little” as she wants.

“I think our main goal — and I guess that’s why some opportunities we haven’t accepted right now — is to concentrate on us. This is a great thing and I don’t want to continue to chase these things and forget that this is the most important.”

They haven’t ruled out a TV wedding, but Ben states that they are most interested in having a big celebration that includes friends and family. Whether it’s an over-the-top Bachelor-style celebration on ABC or a big bash in Indiana, it looks like Ben and Lauren may be one of the few couples from the franchise who actually make it down the aisle.

[Image via Ben Higgins/Instagram]