Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna Joke About Rob Wanting ‘Booty Dances’ & Writing Bounced Checks

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna looked particularly happy together as they posted videos of their time at a string of strip club appearances on Saturday, Us Weekly reports. The couple shared the videos on Snapchat, and they clearly show two people clearly enjoying each other’s company.

In one of the videos, Chyna teases Rob for trying to get a private “booty dance” from one of the dancers at the strip club.

“This ain’t Tootsies, bro,” Chyna said sassily. “This is Onyx.”

In another clip, she jokingly accused Kardashian of writing bad checks.

“Rob, if you sign another bounced check and I take it to the bank, this relationship is gonna be over. Aight? No more! No more forgery.”

This was a continuation of a previous hilarious rant Rob posted on his Instagram where Blac Chyna is “making fun” of his financial situation.

The clips were posted just one day after Rob and Chyna stopped by the Atlanta Crazy Horse Gentleman’s Club. Us Weekly reports that during their time there Rob only had eyes for his girlfriend.

“Blac Chyna was dancing with her friends [and] then turned and was dancing for Rob,” an alleged eyewitness told Us Weekly. “She was giving him a mini show. Rob never seemed to look at the strippers, but was always focused on Blac. It was clear he is very much in love with her. They both looked infatuated with each other.”

The world’s most reclusive Kardashian has been filling up his Instagram page with pictures of Blac Chyna, which is a good indication of how deeply his feelings go for her. Rob has also been looking the healthiest he’s looked in a long time, proof that the relationship is helping him through his weight issues.

Most recently, Rob posted a picture of Chyna dressed to the nines in preparation for the strip club appearance. He captioned the photo, “My Pretty Mama.”

The love between them seems incredibly genuine, and it looks like the people in their inner circle are seeing it for themselves, Us Weekly reports.

“I love them together … They are super silly together,” Chyna’s best friend, Amber Rose, told Us exclusively. “They literally crack up and laugh all day long, like it’s not just a front for social media. They’re really super silly, and they love each other, and they have a blast together. I’m really happy for her. She deserves it.”

Rob Kardashian’s friend, French Montana, who also happens to be Khloe Kardashian’s ex, also gave a glowing account for how good Blac Chyna and Rob’s relationship is.

“He has really good energy, and every time I speak to him he’s working out or doing something positive,” the rapper said. “I love that.”

Even Rob’s mother, Kris Jenner, seems like she appreciates Blac Chyna’s presence in her son’s life. In Touch Weekly reports that the Kardashian matriarch may have had a change of heart when she saw how much healthier Rob looked since he’s been with Chyna.

Rob, according to In Touch, has dropped more than 50 pounds since he’s been with Blac and is now 65 pounds lighter than he was when he weighed his heaviest.

Rob Kardashian reportedly caused a stir in the family when he hooked up with Blac Chyna. Chyna is the former girlfriend of Kylie Jenner’s current boyfriend, Tyga. She’s also the mother of Tyga’s son, King Cairo. But it looks like Kris is coming around to her because of the positive effect she is having on Rob.

“The whole family sees that it’s her who brought Rob back. Kris is so grateful to Blac Chyna for rehabilitating her son,” an insider source said. “[Rob] went forever without any girl being interested in him. His confidence was shattered for so long, so to have this banging girl all over him has given him a new lease on life.”

[Photo via Snapchat]