March 27, 2016
'Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice': The Meaning Of Bruce Wayne's Nightmares And What They Mean For 'Justice League'

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice may be getting some really bad reviews from critics, but it's bringing in enough money to call it a true success. Aside from that, though, many are trying to interpret and figure out everything that takes place in the film and how it fits into the DC Film Universe. Well, some of the more confusing things in the movie were the dreams or nightmares had by Bruce Wayne, and their true meanings may have a lot to do with the Justice League.

Please note that there will be spoilers for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice from this point on. If you don't want to know anything about the movie and what happens, then stop reading now.

In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Bruce Wayne ends up having a number of nightmares (knightmares) that really do tell a lot about what's to come. It's quite in-depth, but still may be obvious to those that are fan of DC Comics. Others may not fully understand and not want to wait to see what is on the way.

Was That Man-Bat?

One dream has Bruce Wayne walking up to his parents' grave and standing in front of the tomb of Martha Wayne. The tomb starts bleeding from the inside, and then it breaks open to reveal a lot of bats and a human looking bat that some believe may be an old Batman villain known as Man-Bat.

It is very possible that he could be a villain to show up in a future Batman stand-alone film.

Mind you, that was just one of Bruce Wayne's dreams, and not one that likely has a lot of influence on anything happening soon.

The Flash Warns Batman Of Superman And Lois Lane's Importance

Another dream sequence came as Wayne was downloading information from LexCorp, and someone freakishly came out of his screen and spoke with him. As revealed by Cosmic Book News, that someone was The Flash, who is played by Ezra Miller.

It is presumed that this is Flash, and he is communicating with Bruce Wayne via an alternate universe or by using the Cosmic Treadmill. Flash warns Batman that Lois Lane is the key, and it does certainly appear as if time travel is involved, because when Wayne looks on confused, the man in the sequence states "I'm too early."

He even tells Batman, "You were right about Superman all along." It's hard to tell what exactly he means at this point, and what is so bad about Superman and Lois Lane in regard to the world and Batman himself.

Darkseid Is Out There -- Darkseid Is Coming

This should really not be much of a surprise, but he is definitely coming and he's going to set out to destroy the Justice League -- once they are all together as a team. Darkseid is hinted at quite often in the film, but he's never actually name-dropped.

Not only is he coming, but he's bringing his Omega Beams with him, too. In one of Batman's nightmares/dreams, he is in a deserted location where a city is in ruin and a desert-type area with a huge Omega symbol on the ground before him.

batman v superman dawn of justice bruce wayne nightmares dreams the flash justice league darkseid
[Image via Warner Bros.]As if that wasn't obvious enough, when the guards turn on Batman in that nightmare, a number of weird creatures show up and start flying around. Those creatures are called Parademons, and they are Darkseid's minions.

batman v superman dawn of justice bruce wayne nightmares dreams the flash justice league darkseid
[Image via Warner Bros.]Time also points out the obvious ending when Lex Luthor is in jail and visited by Batman. Luthor keeps saying, "He's coming. The bell has been rung," and that's pretty much a reference directly to Darkseid. No, that's not in a Batman nightmare, but it adds to the speculation of the giant villain arriving soon.

The Justice League is certainly going to have their hands full when he does come around. Yes, Doomsday was a gigantic, energy-enhancing, monstrous alien, but the DC Trinity was able to defeat him, even though there was one casualty.

batman v superman dawn of justice bruce wayne nightmares dreams the flash justice league trinity
[Image via Warner Bros.]Darkseid is an entirely different beast though.

Justice League is going to bring together the entire team, but the seeds were truly planted in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Even more than the DC Trinity coming together, so much was revealed by the dreams or nightmares that Bruce Wayne had to endure. Looking at them a bit further and figuring out what they mean gives even more clues as of what's to come.

[Image via Warner Bros.]