Actor Jeremy Irons Goes On Rant About Religion, Abortion, And Angers Fans

Jeremy Irons is back in the news, and sharing his wild thoughts on a number of topics, including abortion, religion, and politics, and Irons has shocked and angered many of his fans by stepping out of bounds with his judgmental thoughts. This wouldn’t be the first time that Jeremy Irons espoused some strong beliefs, but fans were shocked that Irons kept talking and talking. With the new Batman movie coming out, and Irons playing Alfred the butler, Irons has a platform once again to share some odd thoughts.

According to CNS News, Jeremy Irons decided to go off script when speaking of his role as Alfred in the new Batman film, and spoke of abortion, adultery, and the Catholic Church. Irons condemns adultery defends the Catholic church, and believes that abortion harms women forever.

Jeremy Irons says that our society is a Christian structure, and if that is taken away, things will become terrible and we will get ourselves into trouble. He said that adultery might be very nice, but it “f**** us up, and f**** up society.” Irons also believes that divorce has become too easy in our society. Though Irons believes that abortion is harmful to women, Irons still believes that a woman should be able to make that decision for herself.

The Guardian talked at length with Jeremy Irons about his role of Alfred in the new Batman film, and what it means to him to be a gentleman, though he was admonished for swearing on the Today Show at around 9 a.m. in the morning.

In the past, Jeremy Irons has gone on some strange rants about taxes and gay marriage. Jeremy Irons said that he thought that “gay marriage could lead fathers to marry their sons to avoid inheritance tax (“Incest is there to protect us from inbreeding”).” This caused an uproar, and had people questioning Irons’ sanity. Irons later said he was working out an argument out loud and got lost in the details.

It seems that Irons is not a homophobe, but some of this thoughts are certainly out there. He believes that a society without religious tenets is a failure. He also wanted to talk at length about sin. Irons did not mention that anyone was going to hell, but he said that he had gratitude for the Catholic church.

But Jezebel was not as neutral about some of Jeremy Irons’ far out thoughts, and called him a “stupid fartbag.” Jezebel seems to be still stinging that Jeremy Irons equated gay marriage to incest, and believes that making judgements on abortion are his place. Jezebel is suggesting that Jeremy Irons needs to shut his cake hole.

“I believe women should be allowed to make the decision, but I also think the church is right to say it’s a sin. Because sin is actions that harm us. Lying harms us.”

Jeremy Irons backpedals, and claims that he is pro-choice, but his statements are making a lot of fans wonder if that is true, with all the talk about sin.

Fans are calling Jeremy Irons a moron when it comes to him getting off topic once again, according to Metro, instead of just talking about his latest project. Even groups, such as an Irish Abortion Agency, called out Irons for his thoughts.

“For someone who should know the pain Irish abortion law has brought, Irons is totally insensitive.”

But others got to the point and shared their shock at Jeremy Irons and his statements.


Do you think it would be best if Jeremy Irons stopped talking about politics and religion, and only talked about his films?

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