‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Complete Spoilers For Season 6, Episode 15 ‘East’

The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 15 is titled “East.” This is the last episode before the TWD finale for Season 6 and will set up what happens to Rick and the rest of his survivors in that final episode when Negan finally makes his terrifying appearance. Even though “East” is setting fans up for the biggest and possibly most highly anticipated finale in recent television history, this week’s episode is going to be jam-packed with action too. Thanks to The Spoiling Dead Fans, it is now known what to expect from the upcoming episode. The following information has been provided by them.

“East” reportedly starts off by showing a stretch of road with blood on the ground. Little do viewers know this is where Carol will encounter a group of Saviors later in the episode. In this foreshadowing sequence, the scene cuts to Carl and he’s handling a gun that may have belonged to Negan. The handle of the gun has an image carved into it of a baseball bat with barbed wire wrapped around it. Based on what fans know about Negan and Carl’s relationship in the comic books, this likely symbolizes that Carl is intrigued by Negan. It will be seen how that plays out in Season 7.

Carol is seen packing her belongings into a bag, which she hides when Tobin comes into her room. Carol and Tobin kiss again, cementing their relationship (sorry, Carol and Daryl shippers!) and the following morning Tobin is seen in Carol’s bed but she is not there. After Michonne gets up to work her shift in the Alexandria Safe Zone, Tobin finds Rick to tell him that Carol has taken off.

Around the same time, Daryl, who has been angry at both himself and Dwight since Denise died, jumps on his bike and takes off outside the walls of Alexandria. Rosita thinks she knows where he’s going since she was on the road with him during the altercation with Dwight and the Saviors when Denise died. Rosita, Michonne and Glenn get in a van and try to follow him.

Meanwhile, Carol is on the road by herself when the tires on her car get blown out. With a bit of quick thinking, Carol decides to pretend she is in distress. This is a brilliant move and has obviously worked for her before. Because of her quick thinking, Carol is able to kill most of the men off with a gun that she had kept hidden. She impales another man with a stick, while one last man seems to not have been killed but is definitely wounded. It’s his blood that was seen on the road in the opening sequence of The Walking Dead.

Morgan and Rick are able to find Carol’s car but she’s not there anymore. All they find is blood and a bunch of dead Saviors. Thinking they might have found Carol, Rick and Morgan follow a walker and it turns out not to be her. Another man comes out of nowhere and starts screaming about walkers as he runs off toward a barn. When Rick raises his gun to shoot the man, Morgan stops him. That’s when Morgan confesses that he was trying to change the Wolf and help him to be good.

It’s about that time that Rick says something about Michonne taking his energy bar and heads back to Alexandria, leaving Morgan to search for Carol by himself. That’s when another one of the Saviors that survived Carol’s attack comes out from the bushes and heads toward the barn where the other man and Morgan both headed. Does this mean Morgan is in trouble?

Back in Alexandria, Maggie asks Enid if she will cut her hair. Enid is hesitant but ultimately agrees and while she’s working on Maggie’s hair, she starts having stomach pain. It’s unclear why this scene was added except to add to the drama and anticipation of next week. Viewers know that Rick and his group are going to head to the Hilltop with Maggie in search of help when her stomach pains get out of hand.

Meanwhile, Michonne, Glenn and Rosita are able to find Daryl, who is headed exactly where Rosita thought. She decides to join Daryl on his hunt for Dwight while Michonne and Glenn head back home. Unfortunately, the two don’t actually make it back to Alexandria before the van is surrounded by Saviors. The two are taken as hostages and tied up only for Daryl and Rosita to find them again.

When Daryl advances to try and help Glenn and Michonne, viewers can tell that Glenn is trying to warn Daryl with his eyes. He wants Daryl to stay back because their hostage situation is a trap. It turns out that while Daryl and Rosita were hunting down Dwight, he had already captured Michonne and Glenn. The trap was set for Daryl and when he tries to save his friends, Dwight appears and shoots him. It doesn’t look like Daryl’s injuries are life threatening, though, because after the screen goes dark, viewers can hear Dwight tell Daryl that he’ll be okay.

That is where The Walking Dead will leave fans just in time for the Season 6 finale that is expected to leave fans with a major cliffhanger next week. In the meantime, Daryl is shot and Dwight has Glenn and Michonne as hostages. Morgan is still looking for Carol and Rick went home to Michonne. Things are getting pretty interesting as Season 6 gets closer to the end.

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