RSPCA Releases Video Of Horrific Animal Abuse, Distressing Incident Shows Dog Being Thrown Down Stairs Repeatedly To See If It Will Scream

A carelessly misplaced SD card has led to the arrest and of two individuals responsible for horrendous abuse of a dog. The incident was recorded via a mobile camera and saved on the SD card, revealing two individuals (one was recording) throwing a dog down the stairs as well as stomping on the canine.

According to Metro, the SD card was found in the floor in a supermarket. When it was picked up, the finder had no idea what would be stored on the card. However, what was found was a horrendous form of animal abuse that is both infuriating and distressing. The finder turned the video over to the RSPCA for further investigation.

On the video, two individuals — one identified as 22-year-old Andrew Frankish and the other an unnamed 18-year-old individual — were seen tossing a frightened dog down a flight of stairs. After the first time, Frankish held the dog high above his head and asked the recorder of the video if he should do it again and make the dog scream more. When the recorder agreed, Frankish tossed the dog down the stairs once more.

“See if we can make it scream any more. We should throw it down the stairs by its ears.”

The video continues as Frankish tosses the frightened dog into a wall, a door frame, and stomps on its head, all to see if the dog will scream more. The horrifying expressions on Frankish’s face show the terrifying enjoyment he is taking in the torture.

Warning: the video below is graphic in nature and may not be suitable for all viewers.

As horrific as the animal abuse is, the RSPCA was able to identify and apprehend the abusers in the video. As a result of their crimes, each was sentenced to 21 weeks of jail time, suspended for two years, and are subject to curfews. In addition, they are no longer allowed to own an animal for the rest of their lives and each must pay £300 in fines. Although the sentencing seems minor in relation to the crime, it is comforting to know that neither will be allowed own an animal ever again.

Gemma Lynch, an RSPCA investigator, identified the dog as Baby.

Lynch revealed that Baby was put down three months after the incident was recorded after losing the use of her rear legs. Lynch was infuriated over the video and saddened when Baby had no choice but to be put down as a result of her injuries, according to the Mirror.

“[She Was] totally submissive throughout, not even making a noise when she lands on the stairs, bouncing to the foot of them where there is a baby gate which she crashes into before hitting the ground.”

In the video, the boys are adamant about making Baby cry out. However, only one portion of the recording actually shows the frightened dog scream out in pain. It is unknown whether the recording is the first episode of abuse on Baby, or if she has become numb to the abuse over time.

“Another clip shows him standing on Baby’s chest with his full body weight at the top of the stairs, before jumping up and down on her. This is the only time you hear her make a noise, and she is crying throughout.”

The Internet is full of funny animals, many of young puppies falling down the stairs. Often, as spectators, we laugh at the cute expressions and antics of the animals, not comprehending that they may actually be hurt, albeit minor, in some of the videos. Yet, we continue to watch.

What are your thoughts on funny animal videos? Are they really humorous or has the humor led to the potential for someone’s fifteen minutes of fame at the animal’s expense?

[Image via Nagel Photography/Shutterstock]