Tiger Woods' Agent Denies That Woods Has Been Seen At Augusta Doing Prepwork

With the golf season in full swing, the question looming is whether or not Tiger Woods will be back, and what condition he is in. The rumor around right now is that Tiger Woods has been undercover at Augusta, doing some prep work on the sly, but his agent says that it's just not so.

According to the Inquisitr, both Tiger Woods and his former girlfriend, Lindsey Vonn, had injuries and ailments in the off season, and Woods had surgery on his back to get him back in the game for his comeback. Woods has bulging discs and pressure on his spine, and had some surgery to take the pressure off. Spinal disc injuries can contribute to nerve damage, and hurt Woods' swing, and ability to walk the course. Fans were thinking that with Tiger Woods opening his restaurant, he might be leaving golf, and looking for his second act.

CBS Sports is reporting that Mark Steinberg, Tiger Woods' agent, in speaking to ESPN, says any sightings of Tiger Woods in Augusta are just not true, and it would be hard for Tiger Woods to be in Augusta without being recognized. The word is that Tiger Woods will not be playing in the Masters for 2016.

But nobody thought that Tiger Woods would have been involved in Augusta last year, and there he was, so one never knows. But the bottom line was that the official statement from the Tiger Woods camp is that Woods is not in Augusta.

"Tiger was absolutely not in Augusta this past week.''
SB Nation is saying reports that Tiger Woods is over the hill are bunk, according to Gary Player, and age will never be the reason that Tiger Woods takes a bow from golf. Gary Player has become a Tiger Woods cheerleader, and believes that conditioning is the key to a long golf career.

Player is calling out sportscaster Colin Cowherd, who is questioning the condition of Tiger Woods, and his age, and if he can make it back.

"I've got a little bone to pick with you. I listened to you talking a lot of [age-related] nonsense … about Tiger … and his body."
Player believes that Tiger Woods just needs more sleep. Really good restorative sleep. It seems that Tiger Woods suffers from sleep deprivation, and only gets about three hours of sleep each night.
Golf Digest is saying that talk about Tiger Woods and conditioning is inevitable when talk about the Masters and Augusta comes up. Rumors that Woods is in no condition to be in the running at Augusta have also come up with sports writers and those following golf.
"... An unfortunate but unavoidable aspect of this Masters buildup: when will Woods offer his latest, inevitably bland but significant, fitness bulletin?"
Rumors are that Woods has started working with a caddie, and playing rounds close to his Florida home. It seems that Woods wants to test his body, and see if he can cut it.
Tiger Woods still has not turned his back on golf, and has said publicly that his surgery last season was very successful. Tiger Woods is not ready to stop in his efforts to get back to the top of professional golf.

Do you think Tiger Woods will be at the Masters this year in Augusta?

[Photo by Rebecca Blackwell/AP Images]