Hillary Clinton Polls: Donald Trump’s Dismal Numbers Against Clinton Could Bring Conservatives To Her Side

Hillary Clinton is getting a boost from her polls against Donald Trump, with a large and growing lead in general election polls potentially giving her the support of conservatives turned off by the controversial real estate magnate.

As Clinton moves closer to securing the Democratic nomination, pollsters are increasingly looking forward to the likely November matchup against Donald Trump. And while Trump is cruising through the Republican primary, all numbers so far show that he would struggle against Clinton.

Clinton is now leading by a double-digit average against Trump, which The Hill said is giving fodder to conservatives who want to stop Trump.

“Every piece of data shows that if Trump is the nominee, he will suffer a historic beat-down in the general election,” said Tim Miller, a Republican working with a group to stop Donald Trump. “He’s been running for president for a year now and general election voters have already rendered their judgment.”

Those conservative efforts to stop Donald Trump are unlikely to succeed, at least in preventing him from getting the GOP nomination. Trump has already built up such a large lead that polls show it unlikely for Ted Cruz to reach him, or to even prevent him from reaching the 50 percent mark that would mean a brokered convention.

So what many believe it will do is weaken Donald Trump, forcing a larger rift among conservative voters that would make it easier for Clinton to win in November.

The tension within the GOP comes as Clinton is nearly finished with her half of the race. Though the second half of the primary schedule is more favorable to Sanders — including Saturday, when he swept caucuses in Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii — Clinton has still racked up a large enough lead to make it very difficult for him to come back barring a major turn of events in some of the large states.

Sanders is banking on a strong showing in delegate-rich California, but polls show that Hillary Clinton may have such a large firewall in New York that it would not matter. Clinton has a lead of more than 30 points on Sanders for the state’s 291 delegates, and a win that large would give her such a large share that Sanders could likely not catch her even with a blowout in California.

Once Hillary Clinton has dispatched Bernie Sanders, the polls indicate that she may have just an easy of time with Donald Trump. Though Trump is expected to launch sharper attacks than anything Clinton has seen from Sanders, she has already been a lightning rod for conservative attacks dating back to her time as First Lady and it may be difficult for Trump to find new ground on which to hit her.

And as The Hill noted, Clinton also goes into the race at a big advantage.

“Clinton has an 11-point advantage over Trump in the RealClearPolitics average of national polls. In a Bloomberg survey released this week, Clinton ran up an 18-point lead over Trump.

“In all of those polls, Trump does worse against Clinton than the other two GOP contenders still in the race. Ted Cruz trails Clinton, but by a smaller margin, while John Kasich beats Clinton in every poll.

“Meanwhile, a Monmouth University survey found that Clinton’s advantage over Trump extends to the swing states that will be critical in determining who wins the White House.”

There is still a lot of time until the general election race begins, but polls indicate that Hillary Clinton may exceed the blowout win Barack Obama leveled over John McCain in 2008.

[Picture by David Calvert/Getty Images]