'Black UFO Crash Site' Discovered In Arizona Restricted Air Space Area On Google Map -- 'It's Only A Water Tank!' Skeptics Say [Video]

JohnThomas Didymus

The discovery of an alleged "black flying saucer UFO" parked in a remote mountainous location in Arizona, supposedly within a restricted air space area, has sparked excited discussion in online alien and UFO forums. Some UFO hunters have suggested that the site could be a recent UFO crash site like Roswell in 1947 and that the photo was possibly taken just before the UFO was moved away to a top-secret alien UFO base. But others speculated that the site could be a new top-secret alien UFO research and test site like Area 51.

However, skeptics have ridiculed discussions in alien UFO forums, saying that the object is only a water tank.

The alleged UFO was discovered on Google Map on March 24 by YouTube UFO hunters Secureteam10 and FindingUFO.

Also announcing the "discovery," UFO blogger Scott Waring challenged skeptics to look at the coordinates on Google Map and confirm the presence of the UFO independently.

"Don't take my word for it... check it out!"

He drew attention to a white pick-up truck parked in front of the UFO.

"The disk is located where no one would ever look for it. Usually UFOs are parked below water, but to have it above the ground is much more convenient to use in other ways," he commented.

But skeptics ripped into Waring, faulting what they considered the unwarranted conclusion that the object was a UFO. Others ridiculed his claim that the UFO appears to have an alien-looking face etched or sculpted on it.

Another attacked the UFO blogger, complaining about his tendency to see faces everywhere.

"When are you going to understand there are times when random objects happen to look like a face?" the skeptic asked.

A third ridiculed the UFO hunter, saying, "HA! HA! HA! A face on that UFO; h*ll I'm still laughing at that one to the point my cat is looking at me like I'm nuts."

Many skeptics argued that the alleged UFO was more likely a water tank. Others pointed to what looked like power lines and a road leading to the area, and suggested the spot could be a secluded facility in a hilly area rather than a UFO crash site.

"It's a water tank; now that I look at it again you can see an old school water tank... for cattle. I'm from a hilly area they all look exactly like this one."

"It's a water tank, not a UFO!! There is an overflow gouge in the ground near the tank."

"It's a water tank, not a UFO!! There is an overflow gouge in the ground near the tank."

Some alien UFO hunters even suggested that the truck spotted near the alleged UFO was probably driven there by secret service "men in black" who specialize in retrieving crashed alien UFOs.

"The face has many similar characteristics to the Buddha," a believer commented.

UFO believers declared that the presence of the UFO explains why the authorities declared the air space around the area restricted. Some enthusiasts claimed that the UFO crashed very recently and that the authorities would soon move it away to a top-secret alien UFO research base, such as Area 51, or the Dulce underground facility for reverse-engineering R&D.

But some believers agreed with skeptics that they could spot a trail or road leading to the area. But they concluded it only proves that the UFO couldn't have crashed recently and that the site was likely a new test site.

Secureteam10 agreed that the presence of the UFO explains the military no-fly restriction put on the area.

"It could be a crash site, or it could be a testing site," he commented. "What really interests me is not only the military no-fly restriction put on this exact area but the second no-fly restriction placed literally dead center on the location of the Object."

He added that the no-fly restriction was an overkill and shows that the UFO was "Above Top Secret," being very likely the latest and most advanced alien technology.

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