Pit Bull Mix Found Raped And Hanged From Tree, Washington Authorities Offering Reward For Information

A mountain biker in Washington was mortified last Monday while out for a daily ride when a dog was spotted hanging from a tree. Upon closer investigation, the dog was found to be a Pit Bull “type” or “mix.” The Biker called the authorities, who began investigating the horrific crime.

When authorities arrived, they found the hanged Pit Bull and discovered that the abuse was not focused only on the Pit Bull’s murder. Closer examination found that the Pit Bull was also severely raped, according to Metro. At this point, it is unsure whether the rape was carried out with human anatomy or with a foreign object. However, authorities reached out to the Humane Society of the United States for assistance in the animal related case, hoping they can help in finding the individual(s) responsible for hanging and raping the innocent Pit Bull.

“Evidence suggested she was severely sexually assaulted while being restrained.”

According to the Humane Society of the United States, the dog appeared to have died from asphyxiation as a result of being hung. It is thought that the rape occurred while the Pit Bull was still alive.

“The perpetrators asphyxiated the dog by hanging her from a branch with her feet barely touching the ground.”

Pit Bulls are often demonized for their aggressive nature in regards to dog fights and poor demeanor when abused. However, as with humans, their behaviors are a product of their environment, not their natural state. It is unknown whether the Pit Bull in question was showing signs of aggression or not.

Currently, there is a $5,000 reward for information that leads to the apprehension of the individual or individuals that are responsible for killing and raping the Pit Bull.

Dan Paul, the director of Washington’s Humane Society, spoke out about the Pit Bull and the condition it was in when found. He was horrified that someone would resort to such a heinous act, rather than contact the Humane Society and let them handle the situation, according to Fox 2 Now.

“This is a truly horrific situation in all aspects. To think about the suffering this dog experienced in her final moments, as well as knowing there’s an individual or individuals in our state who would perpetrate this type of abuse, is sickening. We are hopeful this reward will bring someone forward with information about this despicable crime.”

The normal cap for a Humane Society Reward is approximately $2,500. However, they feel that doubling the reward is justified in this case. The additional money was donated by a board member of the society.

Due to the obscene nature of the crime, the authorities and Humane Society have also invited the FBI into the investigation, hoping to broaden their reach and ensure apprehension of the individuals that raped hanged the Pit Bull.

Despite the bad rap that Pit Bulls receive, their demeanor and behaviors are truly a product of their environment. All too often, there are rants focused on banning the breed from cities and towns, when so many of the Pit Bulls are gentle giants raised in loving homes by responsible dog parents. Many misconceptions have led to unnecessary persecution, when other large, and some small, breeds are just as dangerous when paired with irresponsible and abusive owners.

If you are aware of someone abusing a Pit Bull, or any other animal, it is suggested you contact the local authorities or Human Society.

In the case of the raped and hanged Pit Bull in Washington, authorities are asking that all tips be called in to (360) 352-2510. Each tip will be taken seriously and fully investigated.

[Image via David156/Shutterstock]