Pia Wurtzbach, Dr. Mike’s Relationship Disappoints Miss Universe Fans, Wants Beauty Queen To Focus On Advocacies

Early this week, Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach and Dr Mike confirmed that they have started dating. It was definitely not long ago when the duo first started sharing photos on social media, teasing fans about the status of their relationship. When Pia and Mike, however, admitted to seeing each other, the newfound relationship drew mixed reactions from fans.

In an interview with Extra, Pia Wurtzbach admitted that she has started dating. Although the beauty queen did not reveal who she was seeing, may started to assume that she was talking about the hottest doctor alive. It has also been previously reported that she changed her relationship status on her personal Facebook account to “in a relationship with Mikhail Varshavski.”

Speaking to Wonderwall, Dr. Mike, himself, also admitted that he is in a “fairly new relationship” with Pia Wurtzbach.

“I am dating Pia. It’s a fairly new relationship but I’m really excited to see where it can go!”

After winning Miss Universe, Pia Wurtzbach has been constantly asked about her dating life. The beauty queen would then jokingly insist that she has not been asked by anyone after winning the coveted crown, to her surprise. She speculated that some of them were probably intimidated by her. She also said that she wanted to focus on her duties as Miss Universe.

Wurtzbach admitting that she is starting to date definitely come as a surprise given that during a recent Facebook chat, she claimed that there is no specific someone in her life. While her holding her sash, Pia added that being Miss Universe is her utmost priority.

Now that Pia has started dating Dr. Mike, some of the fans were clearly disappointed. Rather than focusing on her advocacies, they pointed out that Pia Wurtzbach was more concerned about going to glamorous events and meeting new people. They also encouraged the Miss Universe 2015 winner to share less of her personal life on social media.

“Sharing your love life is a bonus for us but as one of your supporters, I would like to know and see more of you being the Miss Universe 2015. I would like or we would like rather, to know or be updated of your advocacies. I have checked Facebook and here and nothing can be found. Please give us an update,” a netizen wrote on Pia’s Instagram account.

A few of the Miss Universe 2015 supporters also started to doubt the true intentions of Dr. Mike, wondering if he was just using Wurtzbach for her fame. Former fans over at Fashion Pulis also criticized Pia for “giving in to the first white man she met.” They also reacted negatively towards a photo on Dr. Mike’s Snapchat account, wherein the two were seen lying in bed together.

“A little discretion is highly requested. A photo in a more tasteful manner would have been more acceptable. Remember that you are representing all the women of the universe. PLEASE REPRESENT WITH CLASS AND DIGNITY. I think that is not too much to ask.”

Meanwhile, some of the loyal supporters of Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach immediately came to her defense. They insisted that Pia Wurtzbach would not let her relationship with Dr. Mike get in the way of her obligations, adding that we should all just be happy for the couple.

In a previous interview back in January, Pia Wurtzbach denied claims that the winner of Miss Universe is expected to stay single for the duration of her reign.

“There’s no boyfriend rule. It’s not forbidden to be with somebody as long as you focus on your duties, you know your responsibilities, and you don’t let it disrupt you. So with me, its good that I don’t have a boyfriend. They don’t have to worry about anything.”

[Image via Instagram]