Louis Tomlinson News: Hope Springs Eternal For One Direction Fans

It has not been a great week for fans of Louis Tomlinson and One Direction. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, many of Louis fans were dismayed when Louis praised One Direction’s mentor Simon Cowell saying that he is “someone you can trust.” Many of Louis fans believe that Cowell is the head of an evil triumvirate with Modest Management and HJPR who have almost driven Tomlinson and his bandmates into the ground over the past five-years. Many of Tomlinson’s fans believe that Cowell and One Direction’s management team have forced Louis and his pals into a series of ill-judged PR stunts and have acted in their own interests.

Unless you live under a rock without any form of communication, you will be aware that Tomlinson and One Direction are currently on hiatus with no firm date set for a reunion. Back in January, Harry Styles raised hopes that Louis and the rest of the boys would follow his lead and ditch their current management team. As a result many were dismayed to see that Tomlinson was a strong favorite to replace Nick Grimshaw on Cowell’s failing X-Factor show. Seeing Tomlinson publicly praise Cowell in an interview with Billboard was a bitter pill for those fans who hoped that Louis would move on.

It seems that Louis may have given his fans a glimmer of hope by ruling himself out of a judging role on the next season of X-Factor.

According to the Sun Tomlinson has ruled himself out of working with Cowell on X-Factor so that he can concentrate on his fledgling record label. The about turn comes just weeks after Tomlinson told the Sun that he would be keen to play a role in the show.

“Louis loves The X Factor but wants to develop his label further this year and sign more new talent. Simon understands [Tomlinson’s decision]. They both agreed to not rule out him being an X-Factor judge in the future.”

It may be that Tomlinson’s decision may see Louis Walsh return to X-Factor as Cowell searches desperately for a formula that can rescue the show. X-Factor has been in decline for years and changes to the format have seen ratings fall to their lowest level ever. Last years final was watched by only one-third of the number who saw Tomlinson and One Direction place third in 2010.

This year will be X-Factor’s last on ITV who have ditched the show in favor of The Voice. The show is likely to be relegated to Channel 5, very much a fringe service in U.K. television. According to the Guardian the return of X-Files gave Channel 5 its biggest audience for over six years and that was just over 3.25 million. Tomlinson fans will be grateful that Louis is not associating himself with Cowell and a show that looks likely to go down the pan and could have damaged Louis career.

The possible return of Louis Walsh to X-Factor perhaps indicates that Cowell has run out of ideas and is looking backwards instead of forwards in a last desperate bid to save the show. Walsh’s return would certainly not be popular with One Direction fans as he has continuously slammed Tomlinson and One Direction in recent months.

Earlier this month Digital Spy claimed that Louis had said that Tomlinson and One Direction were the “five luckiest guys in the world” and that their success had nothing to do with talent.

Whilst Louis’ fans will be glad to see Tomlinson avoid getting involved in X-Factor, they will recognize that this in itself is a long way from meaning that Tomlinson has broken away from Cowell. Tomlinson’s Three Strings record label is a subsidiary of Cowell’s Syco.

In a week that has seen Cowell state that he is unsure whether or not One Direction will ever reform Tomlinson has at least provided a glimmer of light in the darkness.

[Photo by Luca Teuchmann/Getty Images]