Nintendo 3DS vs New 3DS: Which Console Wins Face-Off on ‘Hyrule Warriors’ and ‘Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’ Rate Test?

Nintendo released their Nintendo 3DS update last year. Though Nintendo has offered feature improvements on the new Nintendo 3DS XL, gamers are wondering if it is really worth the upgrade.

In a recent gameplay review video, YouTube Channel Digital Foundry was able to capture the comparative performance of Hyrule Warriors in the original Nintendo 3DS and the new Nintendo 3DS XL. They also added another comparative analysis with Wii U.

The review showed the basic graphics comparison between the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS XL. According to the channel, the “more ambitious sections were actually pre-rendered on the 3DS (Nintendo 3DS XL).”

Moving on to the gameplay, the Nintendo 3DS XL and the Wii U had completely different aesthetics. The Nintendo 3DS XL had a more “shell-shading style” and had fewer enemy counts than the Wii U version of Hyrule Warriors. It was also apparent that the color schemes were completely different. The Wii U had a darker scheme, while the Nintendo 3DS XL’s colors were more saturated.

“It’s the same game, but it’s almost like two different visual interpretation.”

Basically, the Nintendo 3DS XL version has a brighter, more simplistic styling than the Wii U. The Wii U offers a more realistic design. It could be designed in the manner to fit the different screens of these consoles.

Moving on to the comparison of the old Nintendo 3DS to the new Nintendo 3DS XL, it was apparent that the classic Nintendo 3DS was lagging behind in terms of the frame rate test, as it was averaging 20 fps. On the other hand, Nintendo 3DS XL plays isat 30 to 31 fps. It was even outperforming the Wii U game version for Hyrule Warriors.

It appears like the boosted processing power for the Nintendo 3DS XL has actually “translated into a notably better gameplay experience,” according to Digital Foundry.

One of the advantages of the new Nintendo 3DS XL is its similarities with the gameplay platform for PlayStation 2. It had feature improvements, but it stuck to the basic gameplay narratives. The enemies were quite fewer and they were just focusing on targeting the main character as it approaches to them.

This tactic was also believed to be created to make way to the smaller screen of Nintendo 3DS XL. Still, on average, the screen resolution for the new Nintendo 3DS XL is a lot better than the classic Nintendo 3DS.

Over on to the gameplay preview of Nintendo 3DS XL with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, there was very close similarities with the old Nintendo 3DS. In the gameplay, Nintendo 3DS XL’s had a “mark boost in resolution” compared to the old Nintendo 3DS.

“It’s something we see across the game it’s sharper assets on specific objects in the scene…and even bosses is remarkable [sic]… is something we rarely see when playing the same game on two different consoles.”

With Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, the technical make-up for the game on both consoles is very much the same. The native screen resolution and the “young tree” are similar with both consoles.

On the other hand, the biggest upgrade of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in the new Nintendo 3DS XL is the frame rate. Just like in the Hyrule Warriors, the old Nintendo 3DS still lags behind.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate actually has a high target of 60 fps for both consoles; however, both the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo 3DS XL cannot get close to the set mark. Still, the new Nintendo 3DS XL can reach around 34 to 50 fps. This is already a considerable leap for the new Nintendo 3DS XL.

So far, the new Nintendo 3DS XL has exceeded the old Nintendo 3DS in major points. It is now available for $199 on any Nintendo store.

[Photo by Chris Weeks/Getty Images for Nintendo]