Duggar Divorce: Ben Seewald Denies Rumors, Mocks 'Anonymous Source'

Steph Bazzle

As the controversial family returned yet again to reality TV in Jill and Jessa: Counting On, rumors flew of a Duggar divorce. Ben Seewald has now addressed those rumors, at least as they pertain to his own marriage, saying that there's no truth to it.

There have been reports of marital problems in the Duggar family for a while. Hollywood Life spoke in January of rumors that Jim Bob and Michelle had fought over how they would handle Josh's problems, and that their marriage had nearly been destroyed by the events.

It's not only the Duggar matriarch and patriarch who are said to be struggling, though. EnStarz reports that sources close to the family have said Ben and Jessa Seewald are having marital difficulties following the birth of their son.

Ben spoke in an episode of Counting On about having to make an extra effort to spend time together as a couple -- an experience to which every new parent can probably relate. They're also a new, young couple, who have been married less than a year and a half (they wed in November 2014, according to US Weekly), and for the pair to be working out how their relationship fits together with Baby Seewald wouldn't be too far out.

However, rumors said that the problems went beyond that.

The Duggar family adheres to a strict religious belief that calls for women to submit to a male "headship" in the form of husband or father, sexual purity (the couples aren't allowed to kiss before marriage, and only engage in side hugs -- no front-facing hugs allowed!), and does not support divorce.

The word at the Star magazine said that you and Jessa are having marriage problems.
We're doing great! I don't know where they got that info??? Maybe that anonymous "source" that seems to know more about us than we ourselves do! Lol

While reports of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar being near divorce apparently stem from the couple having vehement disagreements, Ben and Jessa Seewald's divorce rumor is different. It seems to be based entirely on the couple's struggles to adapt to life with a new baby -- something that is a normal part of marriage, and that many families do have to work through.

Whether or not the young couple have struggled with it more than the average marital pair, Seewald says that divorce is not in the air, at least for them -- and it's clear that they are managing time together, even if it's not as much as before the baby joined their household.

— Ben Seewald (@BenSeewald) March 23, 2016

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