‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Star Rachel Bloom Is Plotting A Live Episode

Rachel Bloom, creator and star of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, recently opened up about her thoughts on the prospect of creating a live musical episode for the series. Bloom also talked more about Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, her love for Rick Moranis, and her own special brand of stand-up comedy.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Creator Rachel Bloom Responds To The Idea Of Going Live

Created by Ms. Bloom, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is the story of Rebecca Bunch, who abandons a highly successful New York life as a prestigious attorney to find love and adventure in West Covina, California.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend also stars former theater performers Donna Lynne Champlin, who plays Paula and is a Drama Desk Award winner, Santino Fontana in the role of Greg brings his acting skills, which previously earned him a Tony Award nomination, and Vincent Rodriguez III, who has starred in a number of stage musicals.

With so much theater experience coming together on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, it seems only natural that Bloom’s series should consider a live musical episode of the series. As the idea was brought to Rachel’s attention, during the North Hollywood event, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Emmy For Your Consideration, it seemed that the idea, while new to the series panel, had merit.

“[I] would love to do a live episode. Great idea. I will get on that,” Ms. Bloom said.

Rachel wasn’t alone in her enthusiasm for the idea. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend co-creator Aline Brosh McKenna was also intrigued by the idea, adding that, with so many former Broadway players on the cast, there should be little difficulty in putting something together.

Rachel Bloom Opens Up With Her Own Brand Of Humor

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The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star recently sat down to talk more about her life and career, which includes a mix of Hollywood acting and on-the-road stand-up comedy. Bloom was on the road earlier this month. Among the list of cities on her tour itinerary, Iowa City, Iowa received Rachel and her routine, A Night with Rachel Bloom, at the Englert Theatre.

Ms. Bloom describes her act as something of a variety show with music making up a majority of her routine.

“It’s going to be kind of stand-up sets leading into songs. The songs will be a mix of songs I do on my own and then songs from the show,” the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star said. “And I’m going to try to work in stand-up bits and stories around the songs. But it’s going to be, I would say, 70 percent music.”

Speaking about stand-up and comedians, Rachel says that one of her inspirations is Rick Moranis (Ghost Busters, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids) and that the idea of writing a part for him on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is definitely something she would consider.

“Our show takes place in Southern California, which is not automatically the demographic of Rick Moranis. But I’m a massive fan, and should there ever be a part on the show that comes up for Rick Moranis, we will try to Moranis the sh– out of it!”

From there, much of the interview evolved into Rachel talking about some of her favorite things, kicking off the round of rapid fire questions by revealing that Paul McCartney is her favorite Beatle and that she would choose Kurt Vonnegut over Ray Bradbury, or, basically, over any other author.

Bloom also said that she would opt for Seth Green over Brecken Meyer, but only because she had previously worked for Green. The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend creator joked that the day may come when she might have to beg Green for a job again, so she wants to stay on his good side.

The next episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend airs on Monday, March 28, on the CW network.

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