Kendall & Kylie Jenner Expand Fashion Line With Eyewear: Are They The Next Olsen Twins?

Kendall and Kylie Jenner are expanding their ever-growing fashion empire with eyewear. That’s right. The most popular teenagers on social media have revealed that their new line of sunglasses are on the way, just in time for spring.

Kendall and Kylie already have fashion lines with Topshop and PacSun. The ladies also recently launched their Kendall + Kylie collection for Nordstrom. The younger Jenner teen took to Instagram to share a photo of their Kendall + Kylie logo engraved on a pair of gray tortoise shell sunglasses. She also took to Snapchat to share a photo of herself wearing the chic and sexy shades.

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No more details have been revealed about Kendall and Kylie’s eyewear line. According to the Huffington Post Canada, the sunglasses will range from $100 to $300 U.S. Earlier this week, at the launch of their Kendall + Kylie Nordstrom collection, the Jenner sisters revealed who their biggest fashion inspiration is when it comes to both their personal style and fashion collections.

“I mean I think our biggest inspiration, and this is gonna sound weird, but it’s ourselves,” Kendall honestly revealed to Teen Vogue. “Our fans wanted the line because they love our style. So, I think that was natural for where our direction was headed.”

Kendall and Kylie Jenner

The sisters also revealed the difference between this ready-to-wear line and their PacSun collection.

“That was more our junior line, which still lives. But this is just more mature, and it reflects our casual style. I feel like our line has grown with us,” Kendall concluded.

Their new collection also allows their young fans to play with the styles that both of the sisters have been rocking lately. Kylie explained that the reason why she loves this new collection is that it allows any young and aspiring Instagram model to experiment with their street style.

“I love mixing and matching, I do it all the time with the stuff in our collection. But I don’t know, I’m never afraid to try new things. I get bored all the time. I don’t even know my style. I change my hair. I’m boyish one week, and the next week I’m super sexy and glam. Or I just won’t wear makeup for a month, whatever. I’m still finding myself, and it’s all about just experimenting.”

Kendall and Kylie Jenner could not be any more different from each other. The 20-year-old and 18-year-old arrived to their big launch in signature pieces from their line. Kendall wore a black-and-white gingham halter top with matching high rise crop pants. Meanwhile, Kylie sexed up her look in her Raw Edge gray jersey racerback dress with the black “Emily” gladiator sandals.

Both of their outfits stay true to their personal style. And as stated before, the sisters claim that this new collection reflects that but was mostly inspired by their travels to Dubai, New York, and Paris.

“This line is a true reflection of our evolving love for fashion,” Kendall added.

The Kendall + Kylie line includes flirty summer dresses, trendy separates, sexy jumpsuits, and plenty of heels and flats, depending on your shoe preference.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner

So, does that mean that Kendall and Kylie Jenner are the next Olsen twins? Mary-Kate and Ashley have already expanded their own fashion empire with eyewear last month. The Row designers made a rare appearance at the Olive Peoples Madison Boutique on Tuesday, Feb. 16, to debut their first eyewear collaboration, which features oversized tortoise sunglasses ($340) and translucent O’Malley shades ($440).

Strangely enough, just a few days before, Teen Vogue published an article explaining why Kendall and Kylie could very well be the next Mary-Kate and Ashley, who already have several fashion lines under their belts.

“The parallels might not be immediately obvious: After all, Kendall and Kylie weren’t child actresses. Still, we’ve been watching them grow up on Keeping Up with the Kardashians — and other reality spin-offs — since 2007. The Olsen twins first dipped their toes in fashion design with lines at WalMart and JC Penney; Kendall and Kylie have lower priced collaborations with Topshop and PacSun. And of course, both sets of sisters were known for being style trendsetters before starting their own fashion lines.”

However, it’s highly unlikely they’ll receive a CFDA Designer of the Year anytime soon. What are your thoughts? Do you think Kendall and Kylie Jenner are the next Olsen twins? Sound off below in the comments section.

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