Perrie Edwards Turns Zayn’s Dog Into Lion, Parties After His Album Release

Perrie Edwards is touring with Little Mix, but she is still taking some time for herself on the weekend as her ex-fiance, Zayn Malik, releases his first solo album after he split with One Direction a year ago.

On the night of his album release, Perrie Edwards was performing with Little Mix in Manchester. During the performance, Manchester Evening News says Perrie Edwards shouted to the audience with the rest of her band that “Divas, queens, we don’t need no man, salute!”

After the concert, Perrie Edwards and two of her friends from Little Mix decided to go out on the town to party in Manchester at Club Liv. When she left for the club, Perrie Edwards was wearing an olive green dress that showed off her figure.

Perrie Edwards might have beef with Zayn Malik over his new lyrics

After a night of partying, Perrie Edwards might have turned in a little early so that she could get up and get her dog groomed, according to the Mirror. Named Haatchi, Perrie Edwards kept the dog after she and Zayn Malik broke up.

Interestingly, Perrie Edwards did not give her pet dog what could be called a traditional grooming. Instead, the little pup was shaved completely except for the ruff and its head. Because the dog may be of a Pomeranian background or another type of fuzzy dog, it currently resembles a little lion with the rest of it’s body shaved.

Was shaving Zayn Malik’s dog into a lion the day after he released a new album an indicator of anything negative on Perrie Edwards’ behalf? After all, the Daily Mail points out on March 26, that Perrie Edwards has called her dog “little lion” for a while, and shaving the dog could be her way at silently reminding Zayn Malik of what he left behind.

While there is no indication that she did this to tease Zayn Malik in any way, it is clear that Perrie Edwards does have a sense of humor. Of course, Perrie Edwards might need to be able to laugh things off if she keeps having to deal with shade from Zayn Malik.

In the meantime, Zayn Malik is in New York City with his Perrie Edwards replacement, Gigi Hadid. After celebrating the release of his new solo album, the Mirror says Zayn Malik performed for fans at the iHeart Radio Theater.

In fact, to show that he was a nice guy, Zayn Malik helped a young woman to her feet after the crowds pushed her right in front of him.

Unfortunately, Zayn Malik may need to rebuild his reputation with his fans and it is because of Perrie Edwards. When he released his new album, fans started to read between the lines with many of his lyrics.

Perrie Edwards has the support of her fans

When it was clear to some fans that he may have been talking about his past relationship with Perrie Edwards, fans of Zayn Malik and Little Mix were inflamed. On Twitter, they accused Zayn Malik of cheating on Perrie Edwards in the past.

Sadly, this controversy with fans about Perrie Edwards comes only a couple of weeks after he was accused of shading her on Twitter about her choices in stage costumes for the Little Mix tour that started on March 13.

Reveal stated on March 16 that Zayn Malik strongly denies the accusations that he was suggesting that Perrie Edwards was dressed too sexy on stage.

On the other hand, it is clear that his current girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, is a likely supporter of Perrie Edwards’ tastes in fashion.

Like Perrie Edwards, Zayn Malik’s new girlfriend loves to show off her physique. Not only would many of Gigi Hadid’s work outfits for Victoria’s Secret or the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Edition compare to Perrie Edwards’ … it can appear that they shop from the same closet.

[Picture by Jordan Mansfield/Stringer/Getty Images]