Lindsay Lohan’s Plan To Get Career Back On Track, Moves In With 22-Year-Old Boyfriend Of Three Months

Lindsay Lohan is speaking out about leaving her troubled past behind and rebuilding her career and reputation. The 29-year-old is finally ready to move forward in her career now that she is feeling healthy and stable in her new life in London, where she has also found love.

A source chatted with People about Lohan’s messy past and her intentions to move on towards a brighter future away from her troubled childhood years.

“Looking back, she realizes it was a messy period. She didn’t know how else to live and didn’t know she had a choice sometimes. I think she’s embarrassed by a lot of her past but I think her goal is to live normally and silently. Now she has her own money and her own place, and it’s the first time of her living more on her own.”

After a tumultuous time, Lindsay moved to London to live a calmer and quieter life where she could also start rebuilding her career. Although she has not appeared in any films, last year Lohan performed in a West End production of Speed-The-Plow.

People also shares that Lohan is not above admitting to her unfortunate situation and poking fun at herself due to her choices.

“The actress poked fun at her outcast status in Hollywood on Instagram, posting a photo of herself with a paper bag covering her face that stated ‘I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE’ across the front.”

The shot was captioned, “I’m not cool enough for LA.” Lohan has, however, been keeping herself busy, famous or not. She has reportedly been working on a number of projects while living her life in the U.K. The source shares how Lindsay’s opportunities are being handled.

“When it’s announced she has a new project, it will be handled professionally. If she sticks to what she’s doing and stays focused, she’ll be okay.”

New love and new opportunity in a different city and country altogether is certainly not a bad plan to attempt to rebuild. As Daily Mail shares, Lohan’s new beau is Egor Tarabasov, whom the actress has been involved with for three months now. The two have reportedly moved in together in a new London home and are enjoying their time in the early stages of their relationship. As sources share, the couple is simply attempting to live “normally.”

The two appear to be enjoying organizing their new pad. Lohan posted a photo of her 22-year-old boyfriend, whom she’s been dating since October, getting things organized in their new home. Lindsay captioned the photo, noting her Russian beau’s handiness.

“Alongside an Instagram snap of her 22-year-old beau inside their London apartment, Lohan wrote: ‘Moving in and How To Get Your Man To Help #HTGYMTH 1. Organising Hangers : A happy closet is a happy mind’ “

The trouble that ensued leading up to Lohan’s move to London involved multiple arrests, stints in prison, and under house arrest, as well as wearing an ankle monitoring bracelet while the star was on probation for a seven-year period.

Reasons for arrest involved two DUI’s and additionally an arrest for assaulting a woman at a New York nightclub. On top of that, Lohan has pleaded guilty to cocaine use charges, and was convicted for shoplifting a $2500 necklace. The star also violated probation by failing drug tests and failing to complete community service, as well as missing court dates and skipping therapy and rehab that was court-ordered.

Social media posts and words from friends close to the star seem to point to the fact that the star has turned a corner. In addition to the post that pictured her with a bag over her head, Lohan also shared a post that encouraged her followers to “Share your light.”

[Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images]