Chumlee Of ‘Pawn Stars’: What Do We Know About Him And His Arrest?

The world was surprised to learn of the arrest of Chumlee, whose real name is Austin Russell and who so many have come to know and love on History Channel‘s reality show Pawn Stars. A soft-hearted, funny guy on the show, learning about all the things the police found in Chumlee’s home was a shock. The list of drugs, drug paraphernalia, and weapons taken from the home of Chumlee that appeared on the police report caused concern and confusion among fans. The existence of his Chum Chum room, in which appears a lot of illegal drug activity, as well as the existence of a stripper pole, some activities with women may have taken place was also contrary to the image fans had developed of Chumlee. What about those close to him? Does this fit with the Chumlee they know?

People spoke to a source close to Chumlee who told them that he is known for being a partier and for his love of the ladies. They told People that, “He has a gun and smokes a lot of weed.” But that doesn’t explain the methamphetamine that was found and the equipment and number of weapons in Chumlee’s home that suggest the possibility that he was dealing drugs. Las Vegas police stated that.

“It should also be noted that the amount of narcotics, narcotics paraphernalia and narcotics-related items found throughout the residence suggests (Russell) openly allows and participates in the unlawful use and possession of narcotics. Many of these items are commonly found with persons who package and sell controlled substances, i.e., plastic baggies and digital scales.”

As recently reported by the Inquisitr, a couple of days before his arrest, Chumlee tweeted that he would be selling some of his shoes because he needed the money. A pastime for which Chumlee is known is his collection of sneakers, a rather valuable collection. It’s assumed these are the shoes to which he was referring. Since that tweet, the public has wondered why Chumlee needed the money. Was it for drugs, or something in connection a drug operation in his home? Or was it for some other reason?

There have not been any new developments related to the reason the police originally entered the home of Chumlee: a sexual assault charge. The police did confirm that Chumlee is the target of that investigation, but they have not disclosed at this time any evidence they have that could be used to build a case against him. They did, however, take some bedding from Chumlee’s home that may have been part of their search for evidence in that investigation.

Neither the History Channel nor the Pawn Stars show have commented on anything related to Chumlee’s arrest. It has been confirmed, however, that filming for the show was not taking place at the time of Chumlee’s arrest, and that the case will not be included in the reality show in any way.

Besides his regular appearance on the Pawn Stars, 33-year-old Chumlee has also been in the news over the last months for a weight loss of nearly 200 pounds. He has also been featured on some YouTube shows showcasing his knowledge of sneakers as an investment. On the Pawn Stars show, Chumlee has also demonstrated his knowledge of the value of video games and pinball machines. Before his arrest, Chumlee had also recently taken up a second career as a DJ.

Chumlee was released on $62,000. He will appear in court on May 23 on 19 charges of drug possession and one weapons charge.

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