5 Reasons To Never Drink Mountain Dew Again, Plus A Do-It-Yourself Energy Drink Recipe That Anyone Can Make At Home

Mountain Dew is not the healthiest beverage you can reach for, and the studies have busted the myth that it will increase your energy providing an "energy drink" effect. So, why do so many people reach for this thirst quencher in hopes that it will hydrate and boost their energy? Like Diet Coke, Mountain Dew is a highly-addictive drink, and it was made to become the go-to drink for those who prefer it. It time to put your foot down and decide to put your health first, and stop drinking Mountain Dew for good. Below find listed five reasons on why the soft drink is not good for you and an alternative energy drink you can make at home.

Most soft drinks will strip the enamel off your teeth, and cause major dental issues. In the area of Central Appalachia, they call the condition "Mountain Dew Mouth." Reportedly, the drink is so popular; mothers put it in toddlers bottle to drink as a "cheaper" alternative to milk. According to Eat Local Grown, just one soda a day can lead to the loss of enamel and increase dental mouth pain.

Mountain Dew gives false energy -- the drinker will feel a burst of energy, only to crash several hours later. Several years ago, Pepsi marketed the drink as the official video game drink. Let's face it, when playing video games, drinking soda an hour would not be unusual. It's easy to see how the drink could be a real problem for gamers, and could lead to health issues. Think about it; the video game player is drinking soda after soda while sitting for hours on end with any physical activity. It is a recipe for disaster.

The sugar content in Mountain Dew concerns many health professionals. Not only is the drink loaded with caffeine, but it has way too much sugar added as well. Drinking just one drink a day can double your risk for diabetes and obesity. If you're ready to stop drinking so much soda, try to replace one or two drinks a day with a glass of water. It would be a good way to hydrate properly and kick the habit at the same time.

If that's no enough reason to kick the habit, Mountain Dew was placed in a dish around a mouse, and it completely dissolved the little critter into a jelly-like substance, reported Snopes. Apparently, the scientist, Jan Harold Brunvand placed a mouse in a can of Mountain Dew and over time the body dissolved into a jelly-like substance.

Mountain Dew has more caffeine and GMOs (Genetical Modified Organisms) than any other soda on the market. For this reason alone, it makes it the most dangerous and unhealthy choice in America. The soft drink has about twice the corn syrup of any other drink on shelves -- many health groups have proposed taking it off the market due to the health risk.
If you must have an energy drink, it is simple to make your own. Just mix 12 ounces of purified water, fresh lemon juice, a dash of salt, and raw honey to sweeten the drink. If lemon juice is not your favorite, swap it for strawberry juice or watermelon. Your options are endless, and best of all, it's healthy and cheap to make.
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