‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Daryl Dixon May Not Survive Season 6 Finale, But Fans Could Be Left Waiting Months To Find Out

The Walking Dead will have a Season 6 finale that almost includes the death of a main character, but spoilers are pointing to a big cliffhanger that could have fans recalling the frustration of Glenn’s non-death in the front end of the season.

Glenn has been either the luckiest or unluckiest character on The Walking Dead, with at least half a dozen times he could or should have been killed but somehow escaped alive and unscathed. The closest call was in the first half of Season 6, when he and Nicholas were surrounded by a horde of walkers and Nicholas killed himself rather than face certain death.

Fans assumed Glenn suffered the same fate, as the last shot showed the walkers seemingly tearing Glenn apart. It turns out that it was really the body of Nicholas shielding Glenn and allowing him to escape with his life, but it took several weeks before fans found out for sure.

[WARNING: Potential Walking Dead spoilers ahead.]

Now, all indications are pointing to a similar situation in The Walking Dead‘s Season 6 finale, only this time Glenn — or perhaps Daryl — might actually die. Spoilers indicate that one of the major characters will be killed with the arrival of the powerful and nefarious Negan, who captures Rick and his group and forces them to their knees, promising to kill one of them. In the comic series, it’s Glenn who suffers the wrath of Negan’s barbed wire covered baseball bat, but that might not necessarily be the case in the Walking Dead season finale.

After all, the show has diverted from the comic book a number of times, including two weeks ago when Abraham escaped the death he suffered at that point in the comic.

Whatever happens in The Walking Dead season finale, the spoilers indicate that fans won’t learn right away. Actress Lauren Cohan has already confirmed that the episode will end without resolution, telling Entertainment Tonight that it will be the “The cliff-hangerest episode.”

Vanity Fair has even more spoilers for The Walking Dead season finale, calling it “one of the most frustrating 90 minutes of television in some time,” with Glenn, Daryl, and even Maggie all in danger of being killed.

“Fans have been guessing that it might be Abraham (spared from his comic-book fate in last week’s episode), Daryl (Norman Reedus has been taking on other projects) or even a pregnant Maggie (Lauren Cohan got a haircut) on the chopping block in Glenn’s place. Leaked finale info does indicate that Negan considers killing Maggie—who is mid-labor during the finale—just to shut her up. But according to the leak, after Negan plays a game of “eenie, meenie, miney, moe” with some of our favorite characters, the camera shifts to the victim’s point of view. In other words, we’ll see Negan swing the bat towards the camera and then, after the episode cuts to black, we will spend seven months arguing over which character—Abraham, Daryl, Maggie, Glenn, etc.—was on the receiving end.”

Whatever happens in The Walking Dead finale, the entire dynamic of the show is likely to change with the arrival of Negan. Showrunners have said that his long-awaited arrival will bring some major changes.

“He’s a completely different kind of character than we’ve had in the past, and honestly, I cannot imagine someone more perfect than Jeffrey Dean Morgan to bring him to life,” executive producer Gale Anne Hurd told Us Weekly. “[Negan is] formidable, but he’s incredibly charismatic, and he acknowledges who he is and what he expects of people.”

Fans who want to find out if The Walking Dead finale spoilers come true won’t have much longer to wait. There is now less than a week left until the 90-minute finale on April 3, when viewers may — or may not — find out if Glenn or Daryl or one of the others will be killed by Negan.

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