Donald Trump To Choose Chris Christie As VP? Did Christie Spend 30th Wedding Anniversary In Florida To Coach Trump

Shortly after dropping out of the 2016 presidential race, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie made a controversial endorsement for businessman Donald Trump’s bid for the presidency. Since his endorsement of Trump, Christie has played an increasingly important role in the GOP frontrunner’s campaign with many calling him Trump’s right hand man. Christie even allegedly took time out of his 30th wedding anniversary in Florida to help Trump prepare for the last GOP debate in Miami in March. Christie’s involvement in the Trump campaign has led many to believe that the New Jersey governor will be a likely pick for the VP position if the business mogul pulls off a GOP win.

The Daily Mail reports that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is positioning himself as a key figure in Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Christie jumped on board the Trump Train and seemingly hasn’t looked back since boarding. While some have criticized Christie for his choice to endorse Trump, noting he is likely only doing so to further himself politically, it should be noted that Trump has a long history with Christie as a friend.

As the New York Times pointed out, the Trump and Christie friendship began over a decade ago when Trump’s older sister Maryanne Trump Barry, an appeals judge, set up a meeting between her little brother and the then top federal prosecutor Christie. Maryanne informed Christie that her younger brother Donald would like to meet the federal prosecutor and Christie was eager to meet the business mogul who owned numerous casinos in Atlantic City. The two formed a friendship and since the meeting have both called the other “a friend.”

Christie fondly recalls the first time that he actually met Donald Trump, noting that he met Trump over dinner at Jean-Georges restaurant in one of Trump’s towers in Manhattan. Christie says that when the chef himself came out to greet Trump, the businessman took it upon himself to order for Christie.

“The special thing you made for me? We’ll take two of those, too.”

Following the first encounter the pair hit it off, and just a few short years later, Christie impressed all of his New Jersey friends when he received an invite to Trump’s wedding to Melania in Palm Beach, Florida. Therefore, with a friendship spanning over a decade, it is no wonder that Christie was so quick to jump on an endorsement for Trump following his unsuccessful presidential bid.

It appears that Trump values Christie’s opinion as well regarding his campaign. reports that Christie is taking on more and more responsibilities within Trump’s campaign, claiming that the New Jersey governor is acting as his right hand man as well as a debate coach and fundraiser.

“Christie is clearly making the transition from endorser to enabler and positioning himself to be a major player in the Trump camp.”

In fact, the same report claims that Christie took time out of his 30th wedding anniversary in Florida to help Trump informally prepare for the final GOP debate which took place in Miami. However, neither Christie nor Trump’s camp will verify the claims, noting simply that at the time of the debate Christie was on “a family vacation.” Whether that vacation took place at the Mar-A-Lago Trump property is unknown, but a source close to Christie claims he did meet the GOP frontrunner at the Mar-A-Lago to prepare for the final GOP debate. However, the preparations were described as “informal” as Trump does not prepare with mock debates.

“A member of Christie’s inner circle confirmed the governor took time from his 30th wedding anniversary vacation in Florida to help Trump with ‘debate prep’ at the real estate mogul’s Mar-A-Lago resort in Palm Beach on March 9, a day ahead of the last Republican debate in Miami. However, it was fairly informal — Trump doesn’t do a ‘mock’ debate.”

With Chris Christie’s role seemingly expanding in the Trump campaign, many are speculating that the New Jersey governor will be Trump’s top pick for the VP position. What do you think about Donald Trump potentially choosing Chris Christie as a VP? Would that be a wise decision for the business mogul, or would a more laid back figure such as Ben Carson be a better choice?

[Image by Chuck Burton/ AP Photo]