‘The Division’: Twitch Live-Stream Updates For End-Game Content On Deck — Gear Sets Considered

Tom Clancy’s The Division is prepping for the next update coming in April and within days, details regarding the MMO shooter should be made available. References were made to end-game content and a report regarding a Twitch live-streaming session by Ubisoft, according to Game Spot.

It appears that the game developer is pretty good at keeping things up to speed when it comes to having the MMO running as smoothly and satisfactorily as possible, taking care of glitches and bugs as they arise.

Now, Ubisoft has given a little tease regarding information about end-game content for The Division that’s coming in the next few days. Recently, Ubisoft’s website gave the following regarding improving the quality of the game and even took in a huge amount of feedback from fans and applied it. As a result, the latest 1.0.2 game patch was implemented.

“Over the last 14 days we have gathered your feedback and have been so overwhelmed by the amount of fantastic suggestions we have received. During this time we’ve taken some of this feedback from the community and have made multiple improvements to the game.”

The Division end-game content is said to be covered in the upcoming Twitch live-stream broadcast in a few days. Part of the channel’s headliner states the following.

“See you Tuesday for more streams :D”

There’s already, at the time of this posting, a rebroadcasting of an in-game play-through, but the Tuesday part of the title seems to indicate a hint of things to come with the next update regarding Incursions. The April update is said by Ubisoft to be more focused on squad play wherein a team effort would likely be needed to overcome, “unstoppable enemies to gain high-level weapons and equipment.”

The Division’s matchmaking system seems to be taking a nice spin in alleviating “looking for group” (LFG) situations and thusly this set-up looks to nicely enable the next Incursions update when it comes to squad teams.

It would be interesting to know what Ubisoft is referring to when it comes to “unstoppable enemies” though. That being said, there had been fan speculation for end-game additions and a more focused “mechanics-based game play.” There is already a heavily armed helicopter in lieu of The Last Man Battalion that these teams have faced in The Division.

There had already been unannounced in-game labeling changes made in a certain area of the map. “Falcon Lost” was switched to “Last Stronghold” with “Incursion” changed to “Objective.” Game Rant made the assumption that the name change could have an end-game content inference, seeing how the “objective” term is thought to involve a group effort in accomplishing a goal.

Game labeling nomenclature among MMOs usually entail the typical “raid” term, but some might think that “incursion” or “objective” is synonymous to a raid scenario.

There’s also a “Min. recommended gear grade” caption likely indicating yet another standard when entering the area. At this point, it is unknown how this figure is calculated, according to Game Rant, so one can only speculate another in-game qualifier for a Division agent.

YouTube’s ThePwnstar4hire gives his ideas regarding the future of The Division Incursions update, mentioning that the already-existing missions have a level recommendation, whereas the YouTuber thinks that “operations” will have its corresponding “gear grade.”

The YouTuber further finds the gear grade comparable to that of the fantasy-based RPG, Diablo. Here there are sets of armor that come in pieces that fulfill a set of armor. By having them them come together in a matching set, they could stack and provide additional bonuses on top of bonuses.

The Division Incursions update was mentioned that once it goes live, players, provided they are still in the Dark Zone instance, would be able to partake in trading of equipment/gear. Game Rant also stated their take on the PvP aspect of the Dark Zone.

“Moreover, there have been rumblings that the PvP Dark Zone will see a major change with the April update, but Massive has yet to comment on that.”

Tom Clancy’s The Division already has a slew of content scheduled for year one, and the game is currently available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the PC.

[Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images]