Kelly Tekin’s Instagram Photos: Mom’s 6-Pack Back Six Weeks After Giving Birth — Only 10 Lbs Of Fat Gained During Pregnancy

Kelly Tekin’s Instagram account is gaining plenty of buzz, all due to the mother of three’s ability to gain her six-pack abs back so quickly after giving birth.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Kelly didn’t sit around and eat donuts during her pregnancy with her third child. Instead, Tekin spent about 1,000 hours in the gym during her pregnancy, continuing to work out as Kelly has done nearly her entire life. As a result, Kelly only put on approximately 10 pounds of body fat, with Tekin working out about two or three hours per day during her pregnancy. Kelly is the latest in a string of fit moms making the news recently, showing other moms that pregnancy doesn’t necessarily mean giving up weight training.

As seen in her Instagram photos, Kelly tracked the progress of her abs all throughout her pregnancy.

On Twitter, Kelly Tekin is found at the Twitter handle of @CBKT, where the super-fit mom’s description points to her locale and training job and regimen.

The 39-year-old Kelly has photos of food and videos that show Tekin’s clients and training routine. Kelly’s baby bump grew but remained taut under abs of steel, honed from years of training. Tekin kept up with leg pressing 460 pounds and teaching her bootcamp classes.

On Instagram, Kelly noted how her Daily Mail piece made it right up there with stories about Donald Trump and “Birdie” Sanders. Tekin trains bodybuilders who compete in fitness competitions.

Right up there with Trump and Bernie and Ivanka LOL LOL

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Kelly proved that pregnant moms don’t always have to take it super-easy on the weights, as Tekin gave birth to a healthy baby on January 8. Kelly advised that the old adage of “eating for two” while pregnant is a fallacy that can mean a risk of gestational diabetes and birth complications if women overeat too much of the wrong foods.

Kelly continued to “eat clean” and exercise, and was blessed with a healthy baby and her six-pack returning only six weeks after giving birth.

Anyone else like bbq sauce on their fish? #fish #cleaneating #foodprep #abqtrainers #fitfam #eatcleantraindirty #eatcleantrainmean

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Tekin thought she would get plenty of critics who felt she didn’t gain enough body fat for her baby during her pregnancy, but instead, Kelly got tons of support.

Kelly’s photos have brought about a new “six pack pregnancy” term being bandied about, that proves pregnant women can still be fit. Indeed, lists Kelly Tekin as the first place winner of her class in the 2009 NPC Rocky Mountain Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure & Bikini Classic.

Kelly posts lots of food ideas and inspirational workouts on her Instagram account, which shows how her “six pack pregnancy” was achieved. Tekin is concerned about obesity during pregnancy, an issue that has been somewhat ignored in the past — with the old thought process that told women to gain as many pounds as they wanted being eschewed.

Kelly even helps expectant mothers via online training to keep their muscles throughout pregnancy. Kelly’s body fat percentage was only 10 percent at one point in time.

Kelly posts photos like the one above, teaching others to make salad dressing out of basic ingredients. Tekin began her personal gym in 2008, in order to train her clients without them having to pay gym membership fees on top of training costs.

Tekin calls the gym her second home and spends plenty of time there with her husband and kids, as Kelly shows people how to achieve fitness levels that Tekin says can’t be gained strictly from yoga or Pilates. Tekin even trained one woman who was plagued with prenatal gestational diabetes, and said that after four weeks with Kelly and changing her eating habits, the diabetes was healed.

Kelly was very lean — just 12 percent body fat — prior to trying to get pregnant with her third baby. After a year of trying, Tekin learned that her body fat was too low, so she began eating more healthy fats and then conceived successfully.

“I started eating more good oils including coconut oil, almond oil and avocados and within weeks my body fat ratio was up to 14 per cent and I was pregnant.”

Kelly worked out and ate normally, but with just a bit more due to the baby, including fish, chicken, and lean turkey — plus salads and pasta. She consumes protein shakes, but no junk food.

At only five feet, four inches, Kelly realizes that some folks might find her Instagram photos odd, since they show a woman with lots of muscles and only a little baby bump.

Normally, Kelly said she weighs 150 pounds but got up to 169 pounds upon giving birth to her baby. Only 10 of those pounds gained were fat.

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