Nyle DiMarco Makes Mistake No One Noticed, Talks ‘DWTS’ Week Two

On his People magazine vlog this week, Nyle DiMarco opened up about a mistake he made in last week’s Dancing With the Stars performance. We didn’t even notice! So what happened? Through his interpreter, the model explained. The choreography for the dance Nyle and Peta performed last week included a move in the beginning in which she would motion for him to come to her. Well, she did motion for him, but she did it sooner in the live performance than she had done in rehearsal. DiMarco explained what happened next.

“I thought I was late. So I went over there, ran to her and hurried, then we had to hold our frame for a little while before we started. It was more so that she was just performing. It was a little bit of a miscommunication. but it was kind of funny. But we still killed it, regardless.”

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Indeed, Nyle’s performance on Week 1 of Dancing With the Stars blew everyone away. In the video shown before DiMarco’s performance he said the following.

“The one comment that I’m dreading to hear is that I’m off time because I can’t hear the music. But I’m ready to take the world by storm and have them look at me and say, ‘Deaf people can dance!’”

The words on everyone’s lips after Nyle’s performance was, “He can’t hear the music?” Take a look.

Did you see Nyle DiMarco and Peta make a mistake? No, me either. Before getting comments from the judges, host Tom Bergeron asked the question we were all wondering. Could Nyle feel vibrations or sense the music at all because he “clearly knew what was going on out there.” Nyle answered.

“… absolutely nothing… It’s actually Peta. She dancing to the music. I just follow her with my eyes.”

Tom went to Len Goodman first for his comments. If anyone would have criticisms of DiMarco’s Cha Cha to DNCE’s “Cake by the Ocean,” it would be this judge who is known as the most harsh of the three on the show. Even Len had nothing but good to say about Nyle.

“Well, I don’t know what I expected, but I didn’t expect that. So it was terrific. I’ve got to say that for Week 1, to come out and dance the Cha Cha. I wasn’t sure about it begin with, but once you got into step… it just got better and better. Well done.”


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Bruno Tonioli got up from his judge’s seat to touch Nyle DiMarco to make sure the star dancer was real and declared that the America’s Next Top Model winner could be “America’s Next Top Dancer.” Carrie Ann Inaba raved that Nyle “brought the rhythm to life” and called Murgatroyd and DiMarco “a beautiful team to watch.” We couldn’t agree more.

So what will Nyle DiMarco treat us to in Week 2 of Dancing With the Stars? The Rumba, which Nyle calls a challenge, but fun.

“It’s tough. And I know a lot of the competitors are going to be doing the rumba also, so it is even more of a challenge because they are going to be comparing us to themAnd this Monday is an elimination, so we’ll see what happens!”

Nyle has rhythm and talent and a great relationship with dance pro Peta Murgatroyd. And as a winner of ANTM, he’s used to reality show competitions with weekly contestant eliminations. He’s clearly shown that he’s up to the challenge. Tune in to ABC this Monday night at 8 p.m. ET to see Nyle DiMarco, Peta Murgatroyd, and the rest of the Dancing With the Stars celebrity contestants and professional dancers show us their fancy footwork.

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