Behind The Scenes Of 'The Walking Dead': The Photos You Haven't Seen

AMC posts a huge number of photos on their "press only" website every week, so many that no media outlet could possibly use them all. Most Walking Dead articles feature photos from the episodes themselves, but there are tons of photos behind the scenes that have never made the light of day — at least not until today. If you Walking Dead fans need a break from the endless stream of "Glenn is gonna die," or "Daryl's gonna die," to the point where your heads are spinning, take a break and just enjoy these photos of the actors and creative team on the set of The Walking Dead.

Everyone Loves Daryl Dixon (and Norman Reedus)

Hordes of female Walking Dead fans are telepathically screaming, "Give us photos of Norman Reedus!" Okay, okay, here you go. Here's a whole gallery of Reedus and his alter ego Daryl Dixon between takes on the set of The Walking Dead. This fan favorite shows off his personalized weaponry and goofs off with his pet squirrel between takes. Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Rick (Andrew Lincoln) may be an item now on the show, but Michonne looks pretty good cozying up to Daryl on that bike.

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The Ladies of The Walking Dead

After pandering shamelessly to the female fans of The Walking Dead, here are some great behind the scenes shots of the ladies on the set. It looks like the sisterhood is strong between the actresses fighting together in the zombie apocalypse, although the photo of Melissa McBride sneaking up on Gurira might cause some concern. Let's hope McBride isn't as scary when the cameras aren't rolling as she was telling poor Sam those horror stories.

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Greg Nicotero As A Walker, Again, And Again, And Again

After starting out on The Walking Dead as the makeup supervisor, Greg Nicotero has risen through the ranks to executive producer and director. But this guy must love getting in there and getting dirty, quite literally, because he still frequently jumps into the fray as a walker extra. Not that Walking Dead fans would expect anything less from this horror special effects makeup icon, but this gallery is evidence of just how much this guy enjoys his job. In particular, note one of the photos that seems to be from the scene of Glenn and Nicholas on top of the dumpster. There's just a little too much glee in Nicotero's eyes as he waits to pounce on his actors.

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Weird Set Moments

This gallery contains miscellaneous oddities and happy moments on set, from selfies to the absurdities of walker extras going about their regular business on set. Yes, walkers laugh and sometimes their arms and hands mysteriously reappear between takes.

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Saying Goodbye

The Walking Dead cast is had to say goodbye to many peers on set, as characters die all too often on the series. When the camera stops, everyone becomes friends, even The Governor (David Morrissey) and Hershel (Scott Wilson), who shared a handshake at some point after The Governor decapitated the beloved patriarch. See, we can come back.

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Speaking of saying goodbyes, if any of the spoilers floating around for the season finale of The Walking Dead are true, some of these photos can take on a whole new poignancy for Walking Dead fans in a couple of weeks. So, in remembrance of better days, here's a great onset photo of the remaining core cast of The Walking Dead.

walking dead cast
The cast of The Walking Dead [Photo by Gene Page/AMC]

[Photo by Gene Page/AMC]