Watch Bernie Sanders Rally In Madison, Wisconsin Live Online: Streaming Video, Full Replay Of Saturday’s Rally

Viewers can watch the Bernie Sanders rally in Madison, Wisconsin, live online and see if the campaign can pick up momentum from an expected string of victories on Saturday.

After Sanders picked up ground on Hillary Clinton in Tuesday’s races in Idaho, Utah and Arizona, he has the chance to again cut into her lead with caucuses on Saturday in Washington, Alaska and Hawaii that many expect him to win. Though Clinton has built a delegate lead of close to 300, there are a string of Sanders-friendly states remaining on the primary schedule and his campaign has high hopes that they will be able to get back into the race.

Coverage of the Madison rally is scheduled to start at 5:30 p.m. ET.

Those who watch live streaming video of the rally in Madison, Wisconsin, will likely see an energized campaign. Despite the deficit he faces, Bernie Sanders has been relentless in his campaign and the message that he is the best candidate to face Donald Trump in November.

Sanders also said he believes his campaign still has a good chance to win the Democratic primary.

“I believe if we win here in Washington, we’re going to win in California, we are going to win in Oregon, and we’ve got a real path toward victory,” he said (via USA Today).

Live streaming video of the Bernie Sanders rally in Madison, Wisconsin, can be seen below.

To win, Bernie Sanders would need to win roughly 58 percent of the remaining delegates, while at the same time turning the momentum ahead of Clinton-friendly states like New York and Pennsylvania. Sanders supports admit that it is a tall task, but wins on Saturday in Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii can get it started.

“We’re trying to win more pledged delegates by the end,” Sanders senior strategist Tad Devine told MSNBC on Friday. “If we can demonstrate that he is the strongest candidate by defeating her in these states, a lot of superdelegates are going to take a step back and say, ‘What’s the right thing to do?’ And that’s when we will try to persuade them.”

But many expect the second half of the primary schedule to go much differently for Bernie Sanders than the first half did.

“The first half of the calendar favored Secretary Clinton. The second half will favor Bernie,” said Joe Dinkin, the communications director of the Working Families Party, which backs Sanders. “If that continues, Bernie can win the majority of pledged delegates.”

If Sanders is able to gain the edge in pledged delegates, it’s believed that the super delegates would follow suit. Clinton currently has a massive advantage, but in past elections these uncommitted delegates have been known to change to the front-runner — as was the case in 2008, when Clinton saw her super delegates jump ship for Barack Obama when it became clear he would defeat her in the primary.

Sanders certainly has enthusiasm on his side. Late this week he had a series of rallies in Oregon and Washington that packed arenas and drew 55,000 people to Seattle’s Safeco Field. Wins in Saturday’s races could help toward the larger goal of winning California, which would put Sanders right back in the race.

Those who miss the live stream of the Bernie Sanders rally in Madison, Wisconsin, will be able to watch the full replay at the embedded video above.

[Photo by Natalie Behring/Getty Images]