Tori Spelling Takes Control On ‘David Tutera’s CELEBrations’ But Won’t See Much Of Her $100,000 Paycheck [Video]

It’s all about team work with Tori Spelling in the latest clip from David Tutera’s CELEBrations! In the clip, Tori is trying hard to work with her team mates to plan Tutera’s 50th birthday bash – which Spelling has decided to plan herself.

Spelling, who only recently started working with the team, revealed in an on-screen interview that she wants to “prove to the team that I deserve to be here.” In the clip, there’s some tangible friction between the True Tori alum and the rest of the party planners, and Spelling wants to show off her stuff.

“What better way than to plan and throw a party for the king of party planning? I am going to throw David Tutera’s surprise 50thbirthday party,” a confident Spelling said in the confessional.

It seems Spelling has a lot of convincing to do, however, as her three co-workers raise their eyebrows and respond warily “you?” One co-worker even revealed that she’s “getting the feeling that Tori’s being a little show off.” But what other way to impress the boss than to throw a big birthday bash?

Finally, the team starts to work together as they generate ideas for their VIP boss’s upcoming birthday. One of Tori Spelling’s co-workers recalls that Tutera got his start with singing telegrams – and insists that they find a performer to sing to their boss. Another idea is to have an intimate video of David with his family to bring some emotion to the party.

“I love that idea!,” Tori tells the camera, adding that she knows just the editor to help them create the video. “Now we’re working as a team,” Spelling concludes.

In previous episodes, Tori hasn’t gotten along too well with her co-workers and had a spat with Slomique Hawrylo, who also works with David Tutera. When helping former reality star Sundy Carter plan her wedding, Spelling tells Hawrylo that she doesn’t “even know if [Carter] likes her husband.”

Revealing that she thinks “Tori’s drawn a lot of parallels between her life and Sundy,” Hawrylo explains that it’s “dangerous to do with a client.” Spelling then questions whether Hawrylo is slamming her marriage to Dean or questioning whether Tori is competent.

“Sorry Slomique, I didn’t wear the bullseye on my back so I can’t be ‘Target Tori’ today,” Spelling concludes.

It’s been a rough road for Spelling the past few years, and rumors of bankruptcy are not far behind her. But with David Tutera’s CELEBrations! and another new project, Tori & Dean’s Spring Picnic, on the Cooking Channel, Spelling is slowly turning things around.

According to Radar Online, Tori was paid about $100,000 for each show – a far cry from the previous $10,000 paychecks she was picking up with Lifetime. A source told the news outlet that it’s “a ton of money for very little work!”

However, it’s not clear how much of that money Tori will actually see. The insider revealed that Spelling “won’t be seeing much of it” since the reality star “has to pay her agent and manager a cut.” Let’s not forget that Tori still owes American Express more than $38,000, according to a lawsuit the company filed in a Los Angeles courthouse earlier this year.

The insider also confirmed that “[f]amily members have also loaned Tori money, and those individuals need to be paid back too.” When rumors surfaced that Spelling is being sued by American Express, the actress’s mother, Candy Spelling, revealed that she’s partially supporting Tori and her family. Candy is paying for their house and the children’s schooling, but refuses to support her daughter beyond that.

A source close to Tori revealed that “[t]he entire situation is just very sad because Tori wants to be working, but there just isn’t a lot being offered to her.” For now, at least, it seems her circumstances have changed, and things are turning around for the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum.

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