March 26, 2016
NFL Rumors: Trent Richardson Distracted By Money, Signing With Baltimore Ravens

NFL rumors have been swirling around Trent Richardson. During a recent interview, he revealed some of the reasons why he has not become a star player on the professional level. In addition to admitting that it is easy to get lazy in the National Football League, Richardson also talked about outside distractions that have kept him from being able to focus on his job. According to NBC Sports, Richardson had money issues with friends and family members. He's now trying to resurrect his career by signing with the Baltimore Ravens.

During his collegiate career with the Alabama Crimson Tide, Trent Richardson was a dominant force in the offensive backfield. Through three seasons with the team, Richardson rushed for 3,243 yards and had 42 touchdowns overall. That was good enough to make him the third overall selection in the NFL Draft in 2012. Running backs don't generally go that high nowadays, but Cleveland Browns thought he could become their franchise player.

Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh
John Harbaugh [Photo by Andrew Weber/Getty Images]Success has not followed Trent Richardson to the NFL. Thus far, the Cleveland Browns, Indianapolis Colts, and Oakland Raiders have all taken a chance on him. The Florida native looked pretty decent in his first year. Richardson rushed for 950 yards, caught 51 passes, and scored a combined 12 touchdowns. That version of Richardson seemed like the franchise player that the Browns were praying for. Unfortunately for Cleveland, though, it would not last, as Richardson played in two games the following season.

Sensing that things were not right with Trent Richardson, the Cleveland Browns were able to convince the Indianapolis Colts to give up a first round draft pick in exchange for the 5'9", 230-pound running back. After two average seasons for the Colts, Richardson ended things by being suspended for the AFC Championship game. He missed a walk through. Trent claims it was a family emergency. Indianapolis waived him after the season.

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco
Joe Flacco [Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images]In March of 2015, Trent Richardson signed with the Oakland Raiders. He spent some time with them at training camp. However, things were just not meant to be. The Raiders released him before he could even play a game for them. In seeing what Oakland has built over the past year, Richardson missed out on being a part of something potentially great. With Derek Carr, Amari Cooper, Kelechi Osemele, and Khalil Mack as their foundation, the Raiders could finally get back to the Super Bowl. A productive Richardson would have increased their chances.

If what Trent Richardson says is true, then the reason why he struggled so mightily in the NFL is because he was distracted by friends and family members who were constantly asking him for financial assistance. It got to the point where it almost became a full-time job for him to deal with everyone's problems.

Trent Richardson ended up supporting several people once he got paid in the NFL. Several cars were purchased for others. Richardson even spent more than $60,000 on five separate funerals because people cried to him about how they could not afford the cost. Every single day, he was bombarded with text messages and phone calls from people needing his help. That took away a lot of his focus from the football field. Richardson claims that he has now dropped several people from his life.

Fortunately for Trent Richardson, he learned his lesson fast enough to where he might still have one more chance at becoming a success in the NFL. John Harbaugh and the Baltimore Ravens have expressed interest. The team is hoping to build a strong enough running game so that starting quarterback Joe Flacco doesn't have to carry the offense all on his own. If Richardson can do that, then he's accomplished his goal.

[Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images]