Area 51 ‘Alien UFO’ Base: Tourist Family Held At Gunpoint By ‘Cammo Dudes’ At Top-Secret Base — Family Drove Past Border Warning Signs [Video]

Footage has emerged online showing the moment that a family of tourists was held at gunpoint by security personnel at the top-secret Area 51 U.S. Air Force military base after they passed signs warning visitors not to proceed any further.

Footage uploaded to YouTube on March 15, 2016, by YouTube user Jeremiah Hasvold, shows guards at the high-security base — nicknamed “cammo dudes” — stopping the tourists after they passed the warning signs and drove into restricted security area at the Area 51 military facility.

Two security guards, one armed with a rifle, jumped out of a white vehicle, and ordered the tourists to stand with their arms raised and backs turned.

According to Hasvold, who uploaded the footage to YouTube, he traveled recently with his son in California and Nevada and captured on camera important moments during the journey. In Nevada, they drove on the famous Extraterrestrial Highway, part of Nevada Highway 375 that leads to Area 51. The highway was renamed “Extraterrestrial Highway” because of association of the Area 51 facility in popular culture with aliens and UFOs. Many members of the UFO community believe that alien spacecraft recovered from UFO crash sites, such as Roswell, are being stored secretly at the site while government scientists and engineers struggle to reverse-engineer the advanced alien propulsion technology.

Hasvold and his son drove on the famous Extraterrestrial Highway and stopped at a place known as the “black box.” According to Open Minds, there had been a black post office box at the spot next to a turnoff leading to the Area 51 main gate.

After Hasvold’s son scrawled an autograph on the remains of the “black box,” a family of tourists arrived, who told the father and son that they intended to drive straight up to the Area 51 main gate.

Hasvold and his son decided to follow the tourists, but at about 20 miles to the gates, they came to a sign, warning visitors not to proceed any further. The tourists drove past the sign, while Hasvold stopped and began filming.

The video shows a white vehicle containing two security guards on a small hill immediately after the signs. Immediately the family drove past the signs, the guards came out of the white vehicle, one armed with a rifle and the other apparently carrying a camera.

'Extraterrestrial highway'
The armed guard ordered the tourists to get out of their car. He told them to turn around and hold their arms up. The driver who was now standing with arms raised and back turned to the guards was ordered to walk backwards, about 20 meters, towards the guards. The other tourists stood beside their car with arms held in the air.

Unfortunately, the video ends abruptly as the driver stopped in front of the armed guard and appeared to answer questions.

Hasvold said in the video that he did not know what happened to the tourists or who they were. But they might have been foreigners because Hasvold mentioned earlier that their English was not very good.

But Open Minds’ Alejandro Rojas mentions that previous offenders had been arrested and fined, and that in 2014, a tour van that crossed the line unintentionally was charged with misdemeanor offences and fined.

Area 51 warning signs
The clip is being shared in online UFO blogs and forums. Members of the UFO community are relishing feelings that they have been vindicated after many years of being derided by skeptics and accused of spreading “unsubstantiated claims” and “conspiracy theories” about the existence of a top-secret military facility called Area 51. The U.S. government finally acknowledged the existence of the top-secret facility in 2013, as a remote detachment of the Edwards Air Force Base in Nevada.

However, the authorities refused to volunteer information about the purpose of the base. But experts believe it is used as a safe site for testing top-secret experimental crafts and related weapons systems. But UFO enthusiasts insist that cutting edge aeronautical technology undergoing development at the site is derived from reverse-engineered alien UFO spacecraft stored at the site. Some conspiracy theorists even claim that aliens are being detained at the site.

UFO conspiracy theorists argue that the tight security and secrecy about goings-on at the facility supports claims that alien UFOs are being stored at the site and that government scientists are involved in alien UFO reverse-engineering research.

Hasvold comments on the reaction of the guards, saying, “These gates are 15 to 20 miles from the Area 51 base. This is an extreme protocol for a gate 20 miles out. Say what you will about all the Area 51 conspiracies. Whatever they have there they don’t want you or I to see it.”

But some viewers criticized the tourists, saying that they took unnecessary risks and that the signs were clear that visitors were not allowed to go any further.

One viewer wrote, “Shocking footage? It’s a top-secret military base!! WTF did they think was gonna happen? The guards were merely doing their job.”

“What’s so surprising? There are warning signs everywhere down there,” another viewer wrote. “Acting astonished by this is the same as if you knowingly drove through a red light and then were amazed that you crashed.”

Other viewers praised the guards, saying that the tourists could have been North Korean or Chinese spies.

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