Katt Williams Fully Explains The Soccer Fight During Comedy Show, And Sounds Completely Sane [Video]

Katt Williams fully explains his fight that occurred after a soccer game with neighborhood kids. In the fight video, you couldn't hear everything. So, Katt Williams addresses it during his New York comedy show.

Apparently, various venues have canceled some of Katt Williams' shows. Since Williams is a celebrity, given all the Katt news headlines popping up, it would eventually start affecting venues and gigs, right? Well, as the saying goes, things aren't always what they seem.

From Katt Williams' fight video, it's difficult to hear what's happening on the field. However, you can clearly see the teenager instigating something with Katt, while Williams is steadily attempting to brush it off. So, finally, Williams speaks on why he walked off the field and why things happened as they did.

Katt Williams took to the stage at Barclays in New York City for his Conspiracy Theory show. During the show, from another angle recording, Katt lightly touched on the story at first. However, once the crowd responded in laughter and interest, he decided to explain it further.

Apparently, the soccer kids saved Katt Williams from possibly going back to jail over probable police suspicion. You can watch Katt's fight explanation in the video below.

[Disclaimer: The following video contains explicit language. Viewer discretion is advised.]

Katt Williams at Barclays - Soccer Fight Explanation (Full)

Katt Williams mentioned that he felt like he was being set up somehow. So, he stopped the game to get away from the cameras, in order to talk to teenager Luke Walsh. However, as you can see from the full fight video, the teenager kept bothering Katt Williams and invading his space. At one point, Katt was in a vulnerable position as he sat against the wall. Yet, in the video, Williams explained why he lowered himself to the ground in that moment.

Until now, Katt Williams hasn't really addressed the topic much outside of what you may have heard at the end of the fight. Just as Katt mentioned at Barclays, he was trying to find out if the teenager had parents around. And, if they were near, why weren't they stepping in to subdue their son?

While certain media outlets attempted to paint Katt Williams' enemy as a victor and "wrestler," many speculators didn't have the whole story.

In addition, at the end of the full-length fight video, Williams notes that there's a reason why celebrities try to stay out of the hood. He stated as follows.

"N***as trying to show other celebrities 'why they don't want to go to the hood' more often. But, it's not that they don't want to. It's because they know bulls**t is going to happen."
Likewise, you can hear those people who surrounded Katt Williams in support say that "n***as f**k it up for everybody."

[Disclaimer: The following video contains explicit language. Viewer discretion is advised.]

Katt Williams Soccer Fight Video - Full And Unedited

In that phrase, Williams' supporters possibly mean "people who act like they have no home-training." Although Katt Williams has had his own "episodes," such as the incident in Philadelphia, Williams is right about what happens when celebrities attempt to come to the hood. There's usually someone there who wants to assert a certain degree of "dominance."

In the past — as well as the present — even when rappers or R&B singers attempt to shoot music videos in their old neighborhoods, certain individuals or groups of individuals would run them out of the area with death threats. Similarly, in Katt Williams' situation, a teenager attempted to try to show everyone that he could "take" the comedy star.

The teen attempted to run Katt Williams out of the neighborhood. Likewise, but in a severe case, Snoop Dogg was run out of Long Beach last year. He addressed the situation from a counter-perspective of "hood" mentality.

Snoop has grown from his younger years in the hood, and likewise, his mentality has changed. However, these weren't young thugs like in Katt Williams' situation. These were men Snoop's age. You can watch his response below.

[Disclaimer: The following video contains explicit language. Viewer discretion is advised.]

Snoop Dogg responds to Long Beach Crips running him out the hood

Also, just this year, Jaheim was kicked out the hood when he tried to shoot a music video. In a similar way, they were men his age perpetuating the "hood image." You can watch the video below.

[Disclaimer: The following video contain explicit language and depictions. Viewer discretion is advised.]

Jaheim gets kicked out of the hood

All in all, Katt Williams attempted several times to calm the situation before it turned into the skewed news frenzy it is today. Although Katt Williams has had his issues, he's stated many times that he loves to help the youth strive for better lives. So, as Katt mentioned in the video — when the children started following him around — he thought to participate in everyday life and give the neighborhood a chance to play real soccer with a real celebrity. It was unprompted and for no publicity or pay.

However, as Katt Williams was aware, there are always cameras around. So, he needed to be smart about the situation, right? Katt Williams might act crazy sometimes, but do you really think he's crazy enough to beat up a teen on camera? Katt's account sounds like one of a sane man who thinks before he acts — when he's not in Philly, of course.

Do you agree or disagree? Feel free to share your thoughts about Katt Williams in the comments section below.

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