‘Gilmore Girls’ The Band Is Back Together, Complete With Sebastian Bach

Carole King aside, the music is back in Stars Hollow because the band is getting back together on the reunion of Gilmore Girls. Hep Alien, the band that was put together for Lane to play the drums has welcomed back Sebastian Bach. The four part reunion will be rocking out on Netflix.

According to a previous report on the Inquisitr, the Gilmore Girls reunion has been leaking set photos for the Netflix series, including the love interests of Rory Gilmore over the years. The Jess and Dean debate is in high gear, because both are on set and filming. Also available is Logan Huntzberger, who was Rory Gilmore’s Yale boyfriend. The only cast member not returning for the Gilmore Girls reunion is Melissa McCarthy, who says that she was not invited back for the Netflix Gilmore Girls reunion.

Gilmore News is sharing the latest set photos featuring the comings and goings from the set of Gilmore Girls, including Sebastian Bach as Gil, the lead singer of Hep Alien, and sub shop owner. Sebastian Bach also announced his arrival back in Stars Hollow on his Instagram account with an on-set photo. Gilmore News announced that the band is not fully back together.

“With his return, we now have the complete Hep Alien reunited, with John Cabrera (Brian), Keiko Agena (Lane) and Todd Lowe (Zach) already confirmed to return. Keiko and John each posted photos today on set as well.”

E! Online is reporting that Hep Alien coming back together on Gilmore Girls is just one more little detail that fans of the show will be looking forward to. The whole of Hep Alien, the Gilmore Girls resident band, includes Lane Kim (Keiko Agena), Brian Fuller (John Cabrera), Gil (Sebastian Bach) and Zack Van Gerbig (Todd Lowe), and they are all on board.

The rest of the cast is up and running, and with the exception of Melissa McCarthy as Sookie. No date has been given yet for the debut of the four part Gilmore Girls reunion, with each episode taking place during a different season of the year.

Bustle is applauding the return of Hep Alien on Gilmore Girls, and is wondering about a reunion tour. Sure everyone coming back to Gilmore Girls is older, but why doesn’t Sebastian Bach seem to age?

Bustle is trying to get answers on what is exactly up for followers of Hep Alien (Hep Heads?), and how it will fit into the Gilmore Girls reunion, or reboot if you will. But they say the evidence is clear, that Skid Row frontman, Sebastian Bach is front and center in the town of Stars Hollow.

Bach posted a wide angle photo of himself, surrounded by Stars Hollow-esque set, announcing that he was back. This, combined with the information and photos from Gilmore News, seems pretty credible and Hep Heads can rejoice. Hep Alien is coming to the Gilmore Girls reboot.

Are you looking forward to seeing Hep Alien and Sebastian Bach on the Gilmore Girls reunion?

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]