Easter 2016 By The Numbers: Peeps, Chocolate Bunnies, Eggs, And Money - How Much Is Eaten And Spent?

Danny Cox

Easter is a day of celebration and worship, as it signifies the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and many will gather in churches to offer their praise. Easter is also a huge spending holiday and it appears as if Americans are planning on spending more than ever in 2016, and that's even when some say the economy isn't great. It's time to check out Easter 2016 by the numbers and see how many eggs, marshmallow Peeps, chocolate bunnies and more will be purchased.

The Fiscal Times reports that an estimated $17.3 billion is expected to be spent for Easter this year, and that averages out to a whopping $146 per person. Thinking that many won't spend anything, the average goes up for those actually shelling out money on candy and other such things.

The average in 2015 was $140.62 per person, and 2016 marks the highest average in the 13 year history of the National Retail Federation.

"Retailers are beginning one of their busiest times of year and are more than ready as consumers shop for spring essentials. Shoppers will find promotions on a number of items on their lists, from Easter baskets to sports equipment, home goods, garden tools and more."

Of course, some just prefer the cheaper option of plastic colored eggs, but that often leads to more money being spent due to buying candy or other treats to fill them.

It shouldn't be surprising that jelly beans are fun to find on Easter as 16 billion of them are consumed by Americans every Easter.

Many may not realize it, but History points out that the date of Easter each year can fluctuate pretty greatly. Sometimes it may fall in late March and others in April, but it will always fall sometime between March 22 and April 25.

A few other great and fun Easter facts are:

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