WWE News: Brie Bella Retiring Night After WrestleMania Due To Daniel Bryan’s Health?

Daniel Bryan sent the WWE Universe into a controlled frenzy when he announced his retirement from professional wrestling. The sting of his announcement has gone away, but the emotions still run wild when people reminisce about Bryan wrestling in the WWE. For two years, he was the WWE, and when CM Punk left the company, he took over as the fan-favorite and never looked back. One piece of Bryan is still left in the WWE, and that’s Brie Bella.

Bryan’s wife was set for a program leading to WrestleMania after her match with Charlotte at the last WWE pay-per-view. Lana continuously interfered in her matches, which led to Lana hitting Bella with her own finishing move. Alas, the last few weeks didn’t include Bella, or any indication of their feud moving on. Instead, the WWE entered Lana into a rivalry as she partnered up with Tamina and Naomi.

Lana RAW

Since she didn’t show up on WWE Raw, they had to film her spot on Main Event. Several months ago, Brie Bella revealed that she would be leaving the WWE in the coming year. Fans were speculating that she’d depart in the Summer, perhaps after SummerSlam or Money in the Bank. However, like many things in professional wrestling, plans have changed once again. This all comes after Daniel Bryan pulled out of multiple WWE appearances.

A “Daniel Bryan Appreciation Night” was in the cards, but that was canceled. He was also supposed to sign at WrestleMania Axxess, but he pulled out and was replaced by Shawn Michaels. According to SEScoops.com and Pro Wrestling Sheet, Brie Bella is retiring from WWE earlier because of Daniel Bryan’s health issues.

“According to a new ProWrestlingSheet.com report, Brie Bella will be retiring as an in-ring talent following the WWE RAW show the night after WrestleMania 32.

“Apparently Daniel Bryan’s recent WWE-related appearances have been cancelled due to a health issue he is dealing with. The same issues are what made Brie, who planned to retire over the summer, speed up her plans to hang up her wrestling boots. It was also the reason why Brie wasn’t at RAW this week.”

Also in the report, it mentions Bella still appearing on Total Divas and will remain an ambassador of the WWE. There has to be more to the story than initially reported by Ryan Satin. Bryan’s request for “time off,” which is what the WWE’s website officially said, it almost an empty claim at something bad occurring. If it was serious, Bryan would’ve probably said something publicly.

Bryan Vince

Here’s reaction to Bryan’s actions this past week from WrestleZone.com.

“I’m interested to see when he comes and is on the road with them again. Daniel Bryan you thought would fill these other obligations. Is it his health? Is it he wants time at home? Certainly not the best thing to say he’s taking this time off already just a month after in-ring retirement.”

Isenberg’s last sentence really paints a picture at what may be going on. It’s presumably his health, as first reported. As Bryan’s wife, Brie has a personal obligation to make sure that he’s okay. Hopefully, the concussion-related seizures are not returning. That’s what Bryan was hiding from the WWE when he was trying to get cleared.

Health comes before wrestling, as does family. Brie is well within her rights to step away from the WWE for a period of time. She also wants to have a family and that is extremely hard to do while in professional wrestling. The WWE Universe should get an update on Bryan in the coming weeks, as well as Brie Bella’s official retirement.

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