Liam Neeson’s ‘Taken’ Turned Into New Prequel TV Show Starring Clive Standen

Liam Neeson is going green. The actor has made a mini film, about 60 seconds long, with Ireland’s Global Greening to mark the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. The film footage includes Liam Neeson’s narration and pictures of Ireland’s famous landmarks, lit up, not surprisingly, in green. Liam Neeson is proud to be a part of the Global Greening campaign, according to 98 FM.

Liam Neeson Lends Voice to St Patrick’s ‘Global Greening’ Campaign. Video: #ErinGoBraugh

— FB Newswire (@fbnewswire) March 17, 2015

“I’m delighted to be helping Tourism Ireland celebrate St Patrick’s Day. It will be wonderful to see the world turn green again on 17 March as nations come together to celebrate the fun and warmth of the Irish.”

Global Greening’s campaign has sparked comments of obvious delight from other tourism companies across Ireland. The CEO of Tourism Ireland, Niall Gibbons, had a few observations to share, according to 98 FM.

“We are extremely grateful to Liam Neeson for his tremendous generosity in agreeing to help us promote the island of Ireland. He is an enormously popular, global personality and I am confident that this film will be seen and shared by people across the world – inspiring them to put the island of Ireland on their holiday wish-list for 2016.”

St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, always turns the spotlight of adventure back onto the Irish, but Ireland hopes to retain that spotlight year-round with its campaign. By using a globally popular actor like Liam Neeson and reminding people of how beautifully green the country is, which includes some of the most historically famous landmarks of all time, the campaign is combining all three of these concepts to try to attract more visitors.

To add publicity to the advertising campaign, Liam Neeson shared his pictures and posts from his vacation, demonstrating how much fun there is to have to take a trip to Ireland.

Just as Liam Neeson is celebrating famous landmarks in Ireland, one of his career landmarks is reemerging from his past to be shared among fans of one of Neeson’s most celebrated films, Taken. The film is noted for getting Liam Neeson recognized and culminated in marking his career film choices. A television series based on the movie is in the making, and in a bit of a tribute to Liam Neeson, the producers of the new television show based on Taken felt that the actor playing his role should remind fans of a young Liam Neeson, according to International Business Times.

Alex Carey, the producer of the show, was careful in his selection of the lead male character. Clive Standen was selected to play a young Liam Neeson, and Jennifer Beals will stand opposite him as the female lead.

The concept of the series is to demonstrate a prequel to the film itself, telling the story of how Bryan Mills, Neeson and Standen’s character, developed his ability to save his daughters in the movie, according to International Business Times.

Beals, on the other hand, plays Special Deputy Director of National Intelligence Christina Heart, a woman who sees the talent in Mills and serves as his mentor during his first years at the Central Intelligence Agency. Her tutelage gives him a leg up on achieving the height of his abilities, which culminates in him saving his daughters in the film Taken.

While witnessing his famous role in Taken becoming the basis of a new television show and celebrating being the spokesperson for world famous Irish landmarks, Neeson has indeed hit a well-deserved high point of his career. While going green, Liam Neeson is also going to see the development of one of his characters on a prime-time show.

[Photo by Clemens Bilan/Getty Images]