Duggar Divorce Rumors Run Rampant, Josh’s Scandals Tearing The Family Apart

A Duggar divorce may be on the horizon, but it isn’t something anyone saw coming. After Josh Duggar nearly destroyed his family last year, things haven’t been the same within the family. Because of their beliefs, divorce isn’t a likely option. There are different circumstances where it could be granted, and infidelity would be one of them. However, Anna Duggar decided to remain with her husband and put off rumors of a Duggar divorce until recently.

It has been just a few weeks since Josh Duggar was released from rehab. It appears that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have not been seeing eye to eye when it comes to their eldest son. A united front was put on for the media though rumors insist that is not what happened behind closed doors. According to Radar Online, a Duggar divorce could be on the way. Jim Bob and Michelle are divided with their thoughts on Josh. She wants to be more conservative when it comes to his interactions with his siblings, and Jim Bob believes Josh was forgiven and they need to move on. Several of the siblings are divided on their feelings regarding their brother. Some are standing behind Anna and her choice not to divorce him, and others are less than thrilled with the outcome of his treatment and the fact that he is back home in Arkansas.


Realistically a Duggar divorce isn’t the best solution for the family. Jim Bob has always been the breadwinner, leaving Michelle with only domestic abilities. With several children to still care for, a divorce could ruin the Duggars for good. There may certainly be a rift between the parents, especially because Michelle likely feels guilty that her son hurt her other children under her watch. It was clear during an episode of Jill and Jessa: Counting On that Jana Duggar was not pleased when Anna began talking about visiting Josh in rehab. Some of the other siblings had tears in their eyes, but Jana looked plainly disgusted.

Since Anna Duggar chose not to divorce her husband, it appears disagreements are coming to a head within the family. They struggled to find another source of income when their original show was canceled, and struck gold with Jill and Jessa being available to star in a spin-off. According to Huffington Post, the Duggar show is losing advertisers. They are pulling their commercials from the slots and without money coming in, the show will be forced to be off the air. If a Duggar divorce does come from all of this chaos, the family will fall hard. Financial ruin would just be the beginning of their problems; there would be much worse happening within the family dynamics.


The beliefs the Duggars share would forbid a divorce, except in certain cases. Since the scandal with Josh doesn’t fit the criteria, the Duggar parents will likely remain together. Some fans had hoped that Anna would leave her husband and take the kids to raise on her own, but she has since spoken out and confirmed she will be making her marriage work. A Duggar divorce would be enough to rock the entire family to the core while also taking them down for good. They have overcome a lot in the last year and while some of the siblings aren’t thrilled with the outcome, they are still putting on a united front. No one will ever know what is happening behind their closed doors. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar may not get a divorce, but they could very well be sleeping in separate rooms. Things have not been easy for the parents of Josh, especially after he knocked them down several times without so much as a blink of an eye. A Duggar divorce is still being talked about, but no confirmation has been given from the family.

[Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images]