Someone Spotted Satan In A Steak, And It’s Now Giving The Internet The Jitters [Photo]

Imagine finding out one morning that Satan had found his way to your stomach — via your steak!

As bizarre as it may sound, according to Huffington Post, citizens in the state of Baja California Sur in Mexico recently claimed that an image of the devil was clearly visible in a cut of beef someone bought in the region.

Appearing right in the middle of Easter, the image has sparked thousands of reactions online as people say that the image is nothing more than the “prince of darkness” himself, according to Mexican site Excelsior.

A local website, El Metichon, followed up on the story and uploaded the photograph of what many claim is clearly Satan staring up at the viewer from a piece of meat. The photograph, which you can see below, has since gone viral on social media sites, with some believers arguing that the bizarre image could be a sign of things to come.

Of course, for most people, the image is simply a coincidental manifestation and a funny one at that, and they are sharing it for bemusement more than anything else.

Uploading the image on its Facebook page, the Mexican news outlet wrote the following.

“We’ve received this image where the devil appears in a rib steak from SuKarne. What do you think?”

Satan found in a steak in Mexico
(Image via El Metichon/Facebook)

As you can see in the photograph above, Satan is complete with little horns and a menacing glare.

It is still not known if the piece of steak, which is believed to have come from Mexico’s largest meat processor SuKarne, has been eaten or not. But a number of people who saw the picture online expressed their desire to go out of their way and pay a hefty price for the prized cut.

It does appear like a lot of people are really eager to get the devil into their bellies!

While some believers are offended at the sight of the image, some others have deduced that the image of Satan appearing on a piece of meat is the clearest sign yet that animals must not be consumed by human beings for food. Some people said that the appearance is a hint that people should denounce eating meat because animal meat contains the devil.

“It’s an image of the cow sacrificed on the bloody altar of American’s lust for beef,” one person wrote on viewing the picture.

“It’s like, you know, a sign that you should become a vegetarian….”

But while Satan in the steak has continued to offend people for many reasons, some others have offered to see the humor in the story. One person joked that not only is the devil trying to warn us about the dangers of eating meat, but is possibly warning us about more important matters.

“Have they tried to put the steak on a record player? Do that and play it backwards, maybe he wants to tell us something.”

Another person wrote that the image has definitely been tampered with to enhance the likeness, “The image looks fishy to me. Especially the ‘eyes’. It could have been tampered with to enhance the likeness.”

What is your opinion on Satan’s appearance in a steak? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Image via El Metichon/Facebook]