Nicki Minaj Headlining First-Ever Concert At Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena

Nicki Minaj will headline the first concert in Las Vegas’s brand-new T-Mobile Arena with special guest Ariana Grande, according to Business Wire. The 20,000-seat venue is set to open on April 7 with the concert featuring the Grammy-nominated Minaj. Tickets went on sale exclusively to T-Mobile customers on Friday at 10 a.m. PT and will run through Sunday. The general public can begin buying tickets to see Nicki on Monday at 10:00 a.m. PT.

“What better way to open this amazing arena than with TWO amazing artists – Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande – and a few thousand customers and friends?” said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile. “We un-leashed music and entertainment on your smartphone. Now, we’re taking that to the next level with T-Mobile Arena where T-Mobile customers get all the perks and can experience music and entertainment up close and in person!”

Minaj is the current queen of rap and her third full-length album, The Pinkprint, is a two-time platinum seller and has hit the top of both the Billboard 200 and the Billboard Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums charts. Nicki has sold over 55 million singles and 5 million albums internationally to this date.

Although Minaj has never brought home a Grammy, she’s been the recipient of numerous awards including American Music Awards, MTV VMA’s, Billboard Awards, People’s Choice Awards, BET Awards, and many others.

Nicki Minaj will be opening the new arena located just west of the Vegas strip. It’s already been confirmed that the arena will hold headlining concerts, UFC events, boxing events, and many other entertainment spectacles. Minaj and Grande will be teaming up to try and open the venue with a memorable performance.

It won’t be the first time that Nicki and Ariana have teamed as their single with Jessie J title, “Bang Bang” was a massive hit two years ago and helped the trio reach worldwide fame.

Off the stage, Minaj has been garnering a lot of attention for her relationship with Meek Mill as there have been rumors circulating that the two are engaged. Despite the rumors, Nicki told Nylon magazine in a recent interview that she’s not engaged yet.

“I’m not engaged yet,” Minaj said. “He said that my third ring would be my engagement ring. But sometimes he calls me his fiancee, and I’m always trying to stop him, like, ‘Nope! I ain’t got that third ring yet!’”

Nicki Minaj says that if she does end up getting married, then she’s definitely going to have a baby.

“We’re just taking it one step at a time,” Minaj, 33, says. “And, you know, if that happens, if I get married, then I’ll have a child, and that’ll be fun, because I can’t wait to hold my baby.”

Nicki has been dating Meek Mill since early 2015, but the two were friends long before dating. Minaj found it endearing that Meek Mill used to tell her that she was just like his mom.

“When he and I were just friends, he would always say, ‘You remind me of my mother, and I like that because you’re like a dude. You’re tough like a guy and you talk like a dude,’” Nicki said. “So I always got the sense that me being tough and bossy was a turn-on for him. And it’s important for me to keep my voice. Being in a relationship shouldn’t mean that you lose your voice. Being in a relationship should mean that you’ve met a secure-enough man to allow you, in a sense, to remain a queen.”

It certainly sounds like wedding bells could be right around the corner for Nicki Minaj, but first Nicki will team with Ariana Grande to set fire to the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on April 7.

[Photo by Bryan Steffy/Getty Images]