‘RHOC’ Vicki Gunvalson’s Cancer Scammer Ex Brooks Ayers Gives Tell-All Interview — Did We Learn Anything New?

Brooks Ayers has finally revealed what went down between him and Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson last season. Although Ayers failed to admit that he lied about having cancer, he did explain that Gunvalson had no part in the faked medical documents. However, did Ayers really dish anything new?

In a statement released to PEOPLE, Ayers broke his silence on how large a part his then girlfriend Gunvalson played in his cancer scam. For starters, Ayers admitted that he has made mistakes in the past, but that the manner in which the show depicted him was solely for better ratings and “great TV.”

Ayers went on to explain how he never wanted anyone, even Gunvalson, to know about his cancer. However, upon learning that he had been diagnosed with cancer, Gunvalson let her co-stars know and then it was only a matter of time before the storyline made it onto the show.

Vicki Gunvalson often found herself arguing with her RHOC cast mates about Brooks.

Of course, fans will recall that Ayers was lying about having cancer and a number of the women on the show called him out for the scam. Things reached a tipping point when Ayers produced faked medical documents in order to prove that he had cancer.

Ayers has since admitted that the documents were forged but refuses to concede that he lied about having cancer in the first place. Furthermore, Ayers hasn’t addressed the fact that he needed to use forged medical documents in the first place because he doesn’t have any real ones.

Although Ayers said little about his cancer diagnosis, he did reveal that Vicki Gunvalson had no part in his schemes. Fortunately for fans, this should put to rest the controversy that has plagued Gunvalson ever since the end of last season.

“I took the opportunity to share my frustrations of the past five years in various media outlets for the sole purpose to demonstrate to the world that I too could manufacture ‘gossip/fakeness’ and create a lot of unnecessary drama that simply didn’t make any sense,” Ayers wrote. “I have since apologized in a statement that showing fake documents was absolutely wrong, that Vicki did not have anything to do with it and hindsight I should have never showed anything at all.”

Ayers ended his statement by reassuring everyone that Vicki Gunvalson did not know about the forged documents. However, he did state that there was “no scam” to begin with.

“Vicki was not ‘in on any cancer scam or created storyline.’ There is no scam,” he shared. “Second, Vicki never has paid me to be quiet regarding this ‘supposed’ scam nor has paid me to release any statements.”

According to Perez Hilton, Gunvalson released her own statement following Ayers’. Gunvalson thanked Ayers for finally revealing her part in the cancer scandal and took a shot at those who doubted her in the last few months.

“First of all I would like to thank Brooks for once and for all speaking out on this, and for reiterating what I have said numerous times,” she wrote. “Over the last year I have been bullied, belittled, and humiliated by viewers, the media, and my so-called ‘friends.’”

In closing, Radar Online is reporting that Gunvalson had nothing but good wishes for her former boyfriend. The only question remaining is whether or not her co-stars feel the same way and are willing to move forward and forgive Gunvalson for her part in the scandal.

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“I am not now, nor have I ever been involved in covering for Brooks,” Gunvalson stated. “I continue to wish him nothing but the best and hope that we can both now move past this difficult chapter in our lives.”

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