Miley Cyrus On Ambushing LeBron James, Making Faces And Her Brand New Gigs

Hats off to Miley Cyrus. Just a few days ago, she was mourning the demise of Hannah Montana when the TV series celebrated its 10 year anniversary. The next thing fans know, she is slated as the newest judge of The Voice. Way to go, Miley!

Just this morning, Miley Cyrus ambushed basketball star LeBron James at Madison Square Garden, according to Brobible, with her sister Brandi and mom Tish. It was some sort of a family night out. But being the independent thinker that she’s known to be, Miley went clearly on the opposite side of the court with her sister when it came to hooting for her favorite team, buzzed TMZ.

Cyrus joins Alicia Keys as one of the new judges on The Voice. Producers chose Cyrus because when she talks, everybody listens, conveys a recent article on Inquisitr. Here is a fleeting glance at Miley’s many faces, her career, love life and her future.

The fact is, no one seems to get enough of her these days. Talk about multi-tasking. Aside from managing her own career with father Billy Ray Cyrus, her love life and The Voice, the workaholic Cyrus is also involved with Woody Allen in an upcoming Amazon TV series, according to The Guardian.

Miley often can’t care less how she looks in front of the cameras. For example, she would post photos on Instagram showing her bare knees and laughing at herself for how awfully strange they look. No matter what she does with herself, her followers tend to forgive her faux pas the next day. Check out her many faces on this simple Google search. At times, she even resembles Justin Bieber when she cuts her hair short. Although Miley is gifted with natural looks and born with a silver spoon in her mouth, fans adore her for not being plastic. She is also a natural on the red carpet.

She makes no apologies for what she thinks of presidential hopeful Donald Trump, saying that thinking about Trump is enough to make her puke. Ironically, there are many traits she shares with Trump such as her spontaneity and speaking her mind out without thinking. Wikipedia opines that one of the reasons why Disney pulled the plug on Hannah Montana prematurely, only after four seasons, was because the leading young lady had become a bad example for teenagers who were watching the show.

Translation: Disney executives reportedly wanted Miley Cyrus to be a role model, but all the actress, singer and songwriter wanted was to be herself. Not all celebrities can claim to be their own man or woman. What this means for The Voice is that the show is going to have a very vocal, outspoken judge. This could mean the show is courting trouble, but since she can walk the talk, having proven herself in the music industry, it will be hard to dig holes in her judgmental pronouncements.

Current Miley Cyrus news is never complete without mentioning her future other half, Liam Hemsworth. No matter how Cyrus may make a basketball star uncomfortable, she was wearing her engagement ring. International Business Times says that it’s not over yet in reference to the Miley-Liam relationship. The source claims that the singer believes that love will find a way and that she really intends to make Hemsworth her husband.

Here’s hoping that it doesn’t end up like The Hunger Games for the love birds. As the story goes, Katniss Everdeen ended up hooting for Peeta instead of sticking with the character played by Hemsworth. For all of Miley’s playfulness, especially her rumored texts with an ex-girlfriend and the LeBron incident just this morning, wearing that engagement ring for all to see was a nice touch and a nice catch for People. However, Miley Cyrus’ legion of fans are hoping that she doesn’t become a “Wrecking Ball” with all that hard work she will be putting in shortly, if she hasn’t started already.

[Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]