'The Bachelor' Stars Ben Higgins And Lauren Bushnell Headed For A Split? She Can't Get Past His Feelings For JoJo?

When Ben Higgins gave his final rose to Lauren Bushnell on The Bachelor, things didn't exactly get off to a great start. While it appears as though Bushnell has gotten over Higgins' feelings for JoJo Fletcher, other questions about the couple's future persist. Are they headed for a split? Or is Bushnell ready to commit and make the move to Denver?

Things started off on shaky footing after Higgins decided to tell two women that he loved them during the penultimate episode of The Bachelor. Even after Higgins asked Bushnell to marry him, Wet Paint reported that she had a difficult time dealing with everything that went down between Higgins and Fletcher.

"[Bushnell is] having a very hard time getting over the fact that Ben told another woman 'I love you' within hours of proposing to her," a source told the outlet. "These last few months have been brutal. Ben and his fiancée have been fighting non-stop. He feels emotionally dumped. At this point, the romance is gone between them."

Bushnell may have had a hard time working through the baggage from The Bachelor, but that doesn't mean she and Higgins are destined to part ways. After all, break up rumors are typical following the season finale of the hit show. Considering all the rumors that have surfaced, it appears as though Higgins' run is no different.

JoJo Fletcher Ben Higgins
Ben Higgins and JoJo Fletcher [Image via ABC]Meanwhile, Morning News USA is reporting that the couple's interactions on social media indicate they are very much in love. In the past few weeks, Higgins has shared multiple photos of himself and Bushnell on Instagram, including one with the two posing with his parents in Indiana.

"This weekend my whole family is reuniting in Indiana," Higgins wrote alongside the image. "Also, @lauren_bushnell and I are heading back to @bakeryouthclub to hangout at their annual fundraiser. If you are around come say hi!"

Based on the social media posts, it seems like Higgins and Bushnell have been able to work through the issues that surfaced following the end of The Bachelor. That being said, how committed is Bushnell to their relationship? Is she ready to take the next step and move to Higgins' hometown of Denver, Colorado?

Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell shared photos from their Jamaican vacation. [Image via Instagram]
Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell shared photos from their Jamaican vacation. [Image via Instagram]According to Bustle, Bushnell is set to move to Denver to be with her future husband. While Higgins said as much during The Bachelor: After The Final Rose episode, the two have been busy touring the country.

This includes appearances in New York City as well as a number of different interviews on daytime talk shows. Now that things have settled down, Higgins went on the Today Show and revealed more details about the move.

"[Lauren] is moving to Denver. She wanted to do that. That was something we talked about," Higgins shared. "I think most of our days will consist of right now a lot of 'us time.' We need that 'in the public,' and just going out to dates and going to dinner and going grocery shopping is something she really wants to do."

With Bushnell set to make the move to Denver, it doesn't seem likely that they'll break up anytime soon. Of course, it will take the pair a little bit of time to adjust as they begin their new life together outside of the world of reality TV.

Indeed, there is a host of things that Higgins and Bushnell have yet to encounter because of their time on the reality show. This includes simple things like grocery shopping, daily chores, and managing their expenses. Just how well the two adjust to the real world will be the ultimate test of their new relationship.

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