WWE Rumor: Chris Jericho Vs. Shinsuke Nakamura Happening In July At Sumo Hall

Longtime Japanese star Shinsuke Nakamura is set to make his NXT debut on April 1 at NXT Takeover: Dallas, where he’ll be taking on former NXT Champion Sami Zayn. The match should be the highlight of the Takeover show, and Nakamura will almost certainly be one of the most popular stars that are featured on the brand from that point forward.

It’s unlikely that a guy as talented as Nakamura will be left down in NXT for too long; although, we have seen talented guys like Finn Balor and Samoa Joe be left down in WWE’s developmental brand for longer than they need to be. So, you never know.

There’s a chance that the former NJPW star will be called up to the main roster by the summer time, as Cageside Seats is reporting that WWE is planning a Chris Jericho vs. Shinsuke Nakamura match, which will take place at Sumo Hall in July.

Jericho and Nakamura have been going back and forth on Twitter over the last several days, which is their way of getting the wrestling fans interested in a match between the two. Although, just knowing that there’s going to be a Y2J vs. Nakamura match at some point is enough to get anyone excited, as the match will likely be a match of the year candidate.

Having Nakamura wrestle at Sumo Hall this summer is a no-brainer because of his popularity in Japan, and having him face Jericho is a fabulous idea because Y2J is extremely popular in Japan as well.

It’s unclear if the event at Sumo Hall will be a WWE Network special, or if it’ll just be a non-televised live event. Last year’s July 4 show at Sumo Hall ended up airing on the WWE Network, but that’s mainly because Brock Lesnar was wrestling on the show, and it’s not likely that he’ll be doing so again.

The show also featured an NXT Championship match between Kevin Owens and Finn Balor, and a singles match between Chris Jericho and Neville. But, for now, the only rumored match of any significance for the July show at Sumo Hall is Chris Jericho vs. Shinsuke Nakamura.

Chris Jericho vs. AJ Styles
(Image via WWE)

As of this writing, Jericho’s band, Fozzy, doesn’t have any announced tour dates. So, there’s a chance that Y2J could be sticking around after his match with AJ Styles at WrestleMania 32. But, it’s unclear which direction WWE will go with him, as his match with Styles at AT&T Stadium will likely be the last match of their feud.

It’s likely that WWE keeps Jericho as a heel if they’re planning on having him wrestle Shinsuke Nakamura this summer. You can also tell that Jericho will probably be a heel in that match due to the tone of his tweets to the former NJPW star.

There’s no telling if there will be a television feud leading up to Y2J vs. Nakamura in July. But, if the match is going to be featured on the WWE Network, then it only makes sense that the two will feud on RAW leading up to their one-on-one encounter.

According to What Culture, the Jericho vs. Nakamura match will be the main event of the Sumo Hall show, and much like with last year’s Beast in the East show, there could be a couple of NXT matches featured on the card. But, since we’re a little under four months away from the show, which takes place on July 1, WWE hasn’t yet announced the preliminary matches for the Sumo Hall show.

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