WWE News: WWE Superstar Roman Reigns To Go Heel After ‘WrestleMania 32?’

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns is set to take on Triple H at WrestleMania 32 next Sunday. That’s right, it is just 8 days away from the biggest event of the year for wrestling fans. Some “in the know” would dispute this, but WrestleMania is a show all fans try not to miss even if there are other shows that go on during the year. It is the 32nd version of the show WWE has put on; as usual, there are major matches on the card.

It has been rumored for some time that Roman Reigns will take home the WWE World Heavyweight Title for the third time in the last six months, making him a sort of paper champion. Due to the rumor of the Reigns win, there have been other rumors stating that Reigns will not main event WrestleMania with Triple H. Vince McMahon reportedly feels that Reigns winning could cause boos, which would, in turn, end the show with a lot of angry fans.

That is why the main event of the show looks to be Shane McMahon vs The Undertaker. If Shane wins, he controls WWE RAW but that also means it is the last WrestleMania for The Undertaker. If Undertaker wins, he keeps his WrestleMania status alive but Vince McMahon also gets to keep whatever Shane has in his lockbox away from the fans. Truly, the win for Shane could change WWE and it could also be the last match for Taker. It makes sense for this match to go on last.

Reigns HHH RAW

Meanwhile, Reigns might be cheated out of the main event, but it is simply because most fans don’t want him there anyway. This is a major thing not just for WWE but for Roman Reigns. Reigns is clearly the company guy that WWE is putting everything behind. However, Vince McMahon is not very sold on Reigns right now. He’s actually losing faith in him according to reports. This is significant.

According to The Wrestling Observer, there are talks of a heel turn for Roman Reigns sometime after WrestleMania 32. The crowd entrance being scrapped was really the first case of this. The Observer notes that the change in entrance is a sign of a heel turn, but that does not mean that Reigns will lose at WrestleMania to Triple H. The plan is still for him to take the title and hold onto it for a lot longer than the other reigns he’s had.

The idea being rumored is that WWE needs Reigns as a babyface to sell the Triple H match. Afterward, without Triple H in the picture, WWE still needs another face. Randy Orton and Cesaro are set to come back soon. Seth Rollins and John Cena are still months away from returning but are expected to be back before WWE SummerSlam. That means WWE will have four babyfaces ready to go. While Rollins is a heel for now, he cannot come back with hate so he will be babyface upon his arrival.

Reigns Steph

With four there, that would drive up the need for heels. With Rollins turning, there is no top heel to go to. Reigns turning makes more sense now than at any other time for him. However, this is not something WWE really wanted to do early on with him as Reigns has been groomed as the next John Cena. But fans have not taken to him, and with the Chairman losing faith, something has to happen for Reigns. Fans want to see him turn. They have ever since he said “sufferin succatash” in fact. Seriously, this was said.

A heel Roman Reigns would not only make fans happy, but it could save the young man’s career. Even John Cena got over as a great singles heel before turning into the lovable boy scout fans see today. This could be the best move for WWE and surely the best move for Reigns at the end of the day. WWE has to try everything they can with Reigns and having him go heel for a while is a necessary thing to attempt.

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