Snoop Dogg’s ‘Planet Snoop’ Squirrel Vs Snake Fight Commentary: Watch Now [VIDEO]

It’s hard to believe it’s finally a real thing, but now you can listen to Snoop Dogg narrating some of Planet Earth, and it’s definitely worth a few minutes of your day. You can watch it by clicking above.

The video is the first installment of Snoop Dogg’s new web series Planet Snoop, a venture with a fascinating origin story.

It was in 2015 that Snoop went on Jimmy Kimmel’s show and debuted his joke segment, “Plizzanet Earth.” In the segment, Snoop Dogg’s voice was laid over clips from the BBC show Planet Earth. The clips’ comic value was meant to derive from the fact that while viewers are generally used to the soothing, methodical voice of David Attenborough (or some similar velvety-voiced scholar) narrating nature documentary clips, Snoop Dogg’s delivery if far from expected. It is, in fact, spontaneous, unscientific, and delightfully “off-the-cuff,” as Hypebeast puts it.

The joke was received so well that, after Snoop had appeared on Jimmy Kimmel a few times and repeated his outrageously successful bit each time, it actually spawned a wave of internet frenzy demanding Snoop narrate and release his take on more of Planet Earth. A petition was quickly established to collect public support for the idea, and Rolling Stone says it was not long before the petition gathered over 75,000 signatures.

Such a large contingent was not ignored for long, and now the world has what it asked for: Snoop Dogg narrating nature videos.

It’s not actually a Planet Earth video Snoop is voicing over in his new show’s premier, but instead, a video taken from the internet. Choosing a fair use video is likely a cost-saving measure, and it is probably something fans will need to get used to. The footage is very similar to a Planet Earth segment, anyhow.

As Billboard notes, the video is certainly not substantive, but it is definitely entertaining. Snoop’s uninformative, but amusing ramblings about the action going down onscreen are basically the product of a blunt, the article says, and Snoop Dogg’s personal website, Merry Jane, which hosts the show, touts it as an endeavor aimed at drunk stoners looking for a laugh.

“Grab your bud and your bong, and get ready to LOL at our first episode of Planet Snoop.”

Whether you are lights-out faded or stone-cold sober, however, the video promises to bring at least some amusement.

Snoop’s not-so-informative commentary includes offhand musings such as “that squirrel belongs to a gang, eatin’ a n***a like a chicken wing,” “don’t get scared, get the money,” and “if he can bust a nut, you know he can bust a snake head open no problem.”

There are plenty of petitions of every sort started on every day and, as Youtuber I Hate Everything’s detailed commentary on the matter points out, almost none of them amount to anything, so Snoop Dogg fans are blessed he took notice and gifted us with this valuable piece of entertainment.

Hopefully, Planet Snoop‘s run will be a long and prosperous one filled with laughter and praise.

[Photo by Jag Gundu/Getty Images for Bounce Sporting Club]